WWE NXT Champion Adam Cole recently spoke with The Charleston Post & Courier and said he knows what he wants to do as soon as he debuts on the main roster - make an impact with The Undisputed Era's Roderick Strong, Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish.

"Make an impact with my three buddies," Cole said when asked about the main roster. "More importantly I want to make sure that we set the tone and we show the world that The Undisputed Era is one of those groups that will go down in history as one of the greatest factions of all time. The relationship I have with those three and the stories that we've told is something that I feel is very special ... once-in-a-lifetime special. The main thing I'm focused on when going to the main roster is making sure The Undisputed Era makes as big an impact as possible."

Cole said the relationship we see on NXT TV is real, and they are all best friends.

"The Undisputed Era that you see on the WWE Network ... that's a very real relationship," Cole said. "I've known those guys for 10 years. We literally talk every single day. I was in Kyle O'Reilly's wedding. I was at Roderick Strong's wedding. These are guys that I have very serious outside-of-wrestling bonds with. It's going to last a lifetime."

Cole also praised his girlfriend, AEW star Dr. Britt Baker. He said her work ethic is through the roof.

"It's awesome," Cole said of Baker. "I'm so proud of her and the work that she puts in. She just blows me away. She works full-time as a dentist. And it's wrestling on the weekends as well. Her work ethic is through the roof. She's incredibly smart, incredibly intelligent and compassionate. She works really, really hard. She's been wrestling now for about four years. It's incredible the progress she's made. I'm so proud of her."