Welcome to the Wrestling Inc.’s live coverage of the AEW Fight for the Fallen from Daily’s Place Amphitheater Jacksonville, Florida. The Buy In pre-show live coverage will begin at 7:30 pm ET / 4:30 pm PT and the main card starts at 8:15 pm ET / 5:30 pm PT. Wrestling Inc. will have a WINC Podcast right after the show finishes up, as well!

The event will stream for free on B/R Live. All Elite Wrestling’s YouTube will also be streaming The Buy In.

– Peter Avalon and Leva Bates make their way out to the ring. Avalon shushes the crowd before he tries to get into something that’s very important. Before he can say much, Sonny Kiss’ music hits and he comes out to do a dance routine with some Jacksonvile Jaguar cheerleaders.

“The Librarian” Peter Avalon (with “The Librarian” Leva Bates) vs. Sonny Kiss

Kiss able to use his agility to avoid Avalon, gets taken down, Avalon “shushes” Kiss, but ends up taking a hurricanrana. Kiss with multiple back handsprings into a slap to the face. Kiss twerks at Avalon, goes for a kick, blocked, goes down into a split, kick to the face, Avalon with a pin attempt, two. They tried to suplex each other, Kiss finally get it, cover, two. Avalon right up and hits a dropkick.

Avalon ends up sending Kiss to the floor. Bates helps Kiss up and gently puts Kiss back in the ring. Avalon barks at Bates, thinking she’d do more than that. Kiss sent into the corner, kicks Avalon, kick to the chest, elbow, exploder suplex, kip-up. Avlon tries for a bicyle kick, Kiss ducks him, lands a kick of his own. Kiss with a standing moonsault. Bates up on the apron, distraction with a book, Avalon tries for the roll-up. Crowd with a “reading sucks” chant. Avalon with a rolling senton, tries for a moonsault, nobody home. Kiss catches him with a kick, goes to the second rope, drops down with a leg split for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Sonny Kiss via Pinfall

– Backstage, Jen Decker talks with Cody and Dustin Rhodes. He’s asked about tonight’s show and giving back to victims of gun violence. Cody said he couldn’t be happier to give it back to a community that needs it. Cody is then asked about facing The Young Bucks. He says they are west coast offense, new schools, flips and all, but if they latch onto a body part, what will they do? Dustin says he plans on slamming them both to the mat so hard that their souls will leave their bodies. Cody is asked if he’s feeling 100% for tonight’s match after taking that chairshot from Shawn Spears at AEW Fyter Fest. Cody said he wouldn’t be here if he wasn’t 100%, and says the brotherhood is better than the bucks.

Britt Baker and Riho vs. Bea Priestley and Shoko Nakajima

Nakajima and Baker starting things off, This is both Priestley and Nakajima’s debut matches in AEW. Baker taken down with a side headlock, Nakajima is able to transition into a single leg boston crab, Baker able to easily get to the bottom rope. Nakajima tries to sneak through Baker’s legs, Baker grabs Nakajima by the tail, and kicks her. Nakajima uses some misdirection to fly all around Baker, dropkick brings her down. Priestley is tagged in, stomp to the back. Baker sent into the corner, dodges Priestley. Baker with an arm drag, roll-up, one-count. Baker looks for the tag, ends up going to the wrong corner, goes to the corner and tags in Riho. Riho flies off the top rope, but Priestley is back up and hits a power slam.

Priestley stomps down on Riho’s arm and then chokes her over the bottom rope. Riho continues to get worked over as Nakajima is tagged in. Nakajima wrenches down on Riho’s arm. Priestley back in and keeps focusing on that arm, then just forearms the hell out of Riho. Preistley brings Riho over to the corner and they double team her a bit. Baker runs over to help, referee moves her back and Riho continues to get beat up in the corner, crowd booing that. Nakajima locks her legs around Riho’s head and drives her face first into the mat over and over. Riho finally gets in some offense with a dropkick. Baker tags herself in, big forearms, sends Nakajima into the corner, rising knee strike into the jaw, hanging neckbreaker, cover, two.

Nakajima dropkick sending Baker across the ring, Riho tags back in. Big dropkick to Priestley, sending her off the apron. Riho with a standing double stomp on Nakajima. As Riho goes to hit the ropes, Priestley hammers her in the back. Riho recovers, looks for a 619, Priestley gets in there with a big kick to stop that. Baker jumps in and takes out Priestley. Riho and Nakajima swinging back and forth. Things breaking down as everyone is in the ring now. Priestley and Baker now square off and it gets a nice pop from crowd. Back and forth elbow strikes goes right into just a flurry of attacks. Multiple counters, Priestley sent into the corner, rough looking springboard double knees, cover, two.

Baker with a big superkick, butterfly suplex, cover, two. Baker and Riho sent out to the floor, Nakajima with a suicide dive. Baker sent back into the ring to Priestley who hits a big shoulder captured suplex, cover, two. Nakajima on the top rope, flying senton, Riho breaks up the cover. Riho tags in and jams her knee into the back of Priestley’s neck, cover, two. Riho looking to fly, but Nakajima cuts her off. Riho finally hits a dropkick, DDT, cover, two. Nakajima tags in, but eats a running knee strike, northern lights suplex, cover, very close three count. Riho off the top rope, double stomp, pin, two. Nakajima with a lariat, double underarm DDT. Nakajima off the top rope for a senton splash, nobody home, Riho with a running knee strike. Nakajima with a step-up hurricanrana that leads into a pin, 1-2-3.

Winners: Bea Priestley and Shoko Nakajima via Pinfall

– Post-match, Baker and Priestley go after each other a bit before Priestley smiles and heads to the back.

– Backstage, Jen talks with Kip Sabian and asks if he feels like an underdog against Adam Page. Sabian says a lot of people seem to think it’s all about Page and Sabian is just in it to fill a spot. Sabian says he’s not just going to be a part of the roster and cash his checks. He continues that he’s not the best from his country, he one of the best in the world. He’s asked if a win over Page will put him in title contention. Sabian then takes the mic and tells Page, he doesn’t have any animosity towards him, but him being involved in The Elite, he’s kind of handed things. Sabian says Page has forgotten him and is just focused on Chris Jericho. Sabian says he hopes Page defeats Jericho, because he will be first in line after he beats Page later tonight.

– Jim Ross heads out to commentary and receives a standing ovation from the crowd. Commentary previews some of tonight’s featured matches.

MJF, Shawn Spears, and Sammy Guevara vs. Joey Janela, Darby Allin, and Jimmy Havoc

MJF and Spears getting solid boos during their entrance, crowd with a “Joey” chant for Janela. MJF and Janela gets things started. MJF taunts the crowd, tells his own partners to take notes. He immediately gets dropped and hit with a dropkick. He looks for a tag and neither of his teammates are too eager to help him out. Havoc tagged in, bites MJF’s finger, stomp to the face, another finger bite. MJF reverses for a moment, but Havoc was able to slip all around MJF to get control again, another finger bite!

MJF points to distract the referee, thumb to the eye, scoop slam. Guevara tags in, as does Janela. Guevara with a spinning kick, hard chop, sends Janela into the corner, kick to the back of the head. Guevara with a springboard crossbody, nobody home, Janela with a german suplex, sending Guevara into the bottom turnbuckle. Janela tags Havoc, Allin looking a little annoyed he didn’t get the tag. Havoc goes to work on Guevara, gets in a cheap shot on Spears, crowd loved that.

Havoc looks for diving foot stomp, nope, Guevara with a knee strike and tags in Spears. He eyes Havoc, but Allin wants in and the crowd pops nicely for that. Allin wasn’t too happy about Spears stealing his thunder at Fyter Fest when he went to a 20-minute time limit against Cody. Spears ends up walking to his corner and tags Guevara back in. Spears walks around on the outside as Allin just continues staring him down. Guevara snaps his fingers to break Allin’s trance. Allin with a high elevation springboard arm drag on Guevara. Janela tagged in, shoulder block in the corner, charges in again, empty pool. Guevara eats a hurricanrana, leaps over Janela, back flips over him, dropkick lands. MJF heads in, crowd boos him. MJF with a big forearm that sends Janela down to the floor, MJF taunts some more. Spears tags himself in, sends Janela into the corner, big kick and punches, back suplex, stomp to the face.

Janela in the wrong part of town, getting worked over by all the opponents. MJF drops Janela then does Spears’ cartwheel 10-taunt. Spears runs at him, but Janela ends up booting Spears down to the mat. Guevara and Havoc tag in, Havoc with an arm drag, sending Guevara into the corner. Spears eats a rising hammer, Havoc has spears on his shoulder, drops MJF, then plants Spears down on MJF. Miscommunication, MJF nails Spears with a spear. Havoc stands on them as he superplexes Guevera to the mat, cover, two.

Allin tags himself in, Havoc looked a bit confused, eats a kick. Allin with an over the top cutter on Guevara. Spears in to break that up. Havoc hits acid rainmaker on MJF, Guevara lands a backstabber on Havoc. Guevara going nuts with a suicide dive to Havoc, twisting crossbody on Janela. Back in the ring he drops Allin, cover, two. Guevara gets caught by Janela, death valley driver on the apron. He then yells “f— you, Cornette” and flips off the camera. Back in the ring, Spears with a neckbreaker on Allin, big death valley driver, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: Shawn Spears, MJF, and Sammy Guevara via Pinfall

– Post-match, Spears soaks up the win, gives the “ten” taunt to the crowd and then eyes MJF who looked like he was going to try and attack Spears. MJF backs off.

– Shad Khan and Private Party shown in the crowd. JeBailey is sitting next to them, security then tells him it’s a private party and gets kicked out.

Brandi Rhodes vs. Allie

The two go to shake hands and suddenly Awesome Kong’s music hit, out strolls Awesome Kong. Allie looks a bit bothered by this move, but goes right after Brandi. Side russian leg sweep, running senton, cover, two. Allie looks over at Awesome Kong for a moment and chops Brandi. Allie with a crossbody over the second rope, Brandi charges in, Allie moves to the apron and kicks Brandi in the head. Allie goes out to the floor and stands off with Awesome Kong. Allie goes to get back in the ring and gets a baseball kick to the face. Brandi grabs a bottle of water, drinks some of it and dumps a bunch on Allie. Brandi sends Allie’s face into the apron a few times.

Brandi tosses her back in the ring, running knee, cover, one-count. Allie with some chops to Brandi. Brandi with kick to the face, cover, two. Brandi with some punches to Allie’s face and then barks at the referee for a moment. Brandi chokes Allie over the second rope, then kicks the rope, cover, two. Allie tries to fight back with punches, spinning kick, Awesome Kong grabs Allie’s leg, knee to the back by Brandi, waistlock takedown, pin, two. Brandi tries for a kick, blocked, Allie with a hanging neckbreaker. Both are down and referee starts up his 10-count, Brandi gets up first at eight. Back and forth forearms. Brandi charges in the corner, nobody home, Allie with multiple strikes, sliding forearm in the corner, cover, two.

Allie with a running bulldog, pin, two-count. Brandi kicks Allie, heads to the top, swing snap suplex, cover, two. Allie hits the BSE (superkick), running death valley driver, Awesome Kong yanks Brandi to the edge of the ring and referee somehow misses that, but stops the count. Allie getting super annoyed at Awesome Kong. Allie goes to Brandi, inside cradle, two, Brandi with a wild lariat, and Allie locks in a dragon sleeper. Awesome Kong gets on the apron to distract the referee. Brandi taps out, but ref doesn’t see it. Allie argues with the referee, she goes back to Brandi, gets her eyes scratched, Brandi with the bionic spear for the victory.

Winner: Brandi Rhodes via Pinfall

– Post-match, Brandi and Awesome Kong attack Allie. Aja Kong’s music hits and that stops Brandi and Awesome Kong. Brandi bails out of the ring. Aja and Awesome stare at each other in the middle of the ring. The referees get in the ring to separate the two. Brandi hops back in to pull Awesome Kong away. Aja looks over at Allie and helps her up.

The Dark Order vs. Jack Evans and Angelico vs. Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus (with Marko Stunt) (Winners advance to All Out for an opportunity at a first round bye in the AEW World Tag Team Titles tournament.)

Crowd very much behind Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy. Grayson tosses Evans around a bit, Evans gets to his partner for the tag, but he ends up eating a dropkick. Grayson with a huge uranage. Uno gets tagged in and bites the ear of Angelico. Angelico tries for a leg sweep, kick to the head and tags out to Jungle Boy who hits a springboard arm drag, multiple dropkicks and the crowds cheers him on. Uno snapping the nose of Jungle Boy. Luchasaurus gets tagged in, Uno sizes him up, but backs up a bit when he sees he’s a bit bigger. Uno with a slap to the face and tags in Evans.

Angelico pumps his partner up for the attack. Evans tries for the shove, no movement. Luchasaurus with a chop that drops evans, and then sends Evans across the ring. Jungle Boy tagged him, slingshot kick to the face, Luchasaurus with a big boot then a german suplex. Jungle Boy kicks him to Dark Order’s corner, and Grayson tags in. Jungle Boy keeps up the offense on Grayson though. Grayson shoves Jungle Boy towards the ropes, Uno had the ropes open and he spills out to the floor. Uno then drops Jungle Boy on the apron, Grayson with a senton on Jungle Boy on the apron!

Jungle Boy really getting worked over by The Dark Order now. Uno dispatches Luchasaurus off the apron. Jungle Boy looks to tag out, Grayson yanks both Evans and Angelico off the apron so there’s no one to tag. Uno drops down on Jungle Boy. Luchasaurus is finally tagged in, question mark takes Grayson down. He goes for a double chokeslam, no, hits a roundhouse kick on Angelico and then a standing moonsault on Evans! This guy is 6’5″ and moving like someone a lot smaller. Crowd explodes for that sequences. He sends Evans out to the floor. Jungle Boy with a moonsault off the apron on both Evans and Angelico. Luchasaurus with a tombstone on Grayson, Uno breaks it up. Luchasarus with a knee to Uno’s face, lifts him on his shoulders, spins and plants Uno to the mat. He tags Jungle Boy in, Grayson catches both wrestlers with a pele kick.

Evans and Angelico get back in this one, foot stomp/back suplex combo on Jungle Boy. Evans with an inverted figure-four. Jungle Boy gets kicked multiple times. Assisted 450 splash by Evans, cover, two. Angelico tagged in, looking for the black tiger bomb, launching Jungle Boy into the turnbuckle. Evans tagged in, 630. Stunt yanks Angelico off, climbs up on Evans and hits a hurricanrana off the top rope. The referee then kicks Stunt out from ringside. Luchasaurus then lifts Stunt and tosses him high in the air and down on Angelico. Jungle Boy/Luchasaurus with a flipping powerbomb combination on Evans, cover 1-2-no! Uno with a chop block on Luchasaurus’ knee, dropkick by Grayson. Jungle Boy gets launched into Luchasaurus. Grayson with a 450 splash on Jungle Boy, flipping over Uno who hits a running cannonball senton in the corner. Uno lifts Jungle Boy on his shoulders, Grayson hits fatality for the win.

Winners: The Dark Order via Pinfall and will advance to AEW All Out for a chance at a first round bye in the upcoming AEW tag team tournament.

“Hangman” Adam Page vs. Kip Sabian

Bit of a stalemate at the beginning of the match. Back and forth chops that Page is clearly getting the best of. Page ends up on the floor, Sabian tries for a suicide dive, eats an elbow, Page selling his knee still not being 100%. Back in the ring, Page lifts Sabian on his shoulders and pancakes him to the mat. Pumphandle suplex with the bridge, two-count. Sabian fakes Page out with a springboard enziguri and boots him to the floor. Fan getting in Sabian’s face, talking trash. Sabian almost kisses the fan to get him to back off, lol.

Back in the ring, Sabian still working Page down, Sabian heads to the top rope, double foot stomp, cover, two. Both wrestlers go down, referee starts up at 10-count, Page up at six. Page lifts Sabian on his shoulder, Sabian punches away at the bad knee. Page gets him back up fireman’s carry rolls through, sliding lariat, standing shooting star press, pin, two. Sabian sent to the apron, Sabian with springboard DDT, cover, two. Crowd not as fired up for this match as the previous ones so far.

Sabian targets the knee again, both with strikes in the middle of the ring. Page eats a knee, punch to the face, Sabian runs right into a discus lariat. Sabian with a bit of a cut on his left elbow. Sabian on the apron, Page brings him up to the second rope, Sabian with a headbutt that sends Page down on the apron. Sabian on the top rope looks for the stomp, nobody home, Page then hits a back suplex on the apron!

Page heads to the top rope and lands a big moonsault to the floor on Sabian. Page really selling the knee injury now after that move. Page with a powerbomb out to the ramp! Sabian doing a Terry Funk twitch sell after that move. Referee starts up the ten-count, and he gets back in at nine. Page brings Sabian up to the top rope and hits a super swinging neckbreaker, cover, two! Page can’t believe it, we have three minutes left in the match. Sabian on the apron now, Page punching away, but Sabian holding onto the bad knee and hits a dragon leg screw on the ropes. Sabian springboards in for a hurricanrana, cover, two, Page counters, two. Multiple pinning attempts, two. Page hits dead eye, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Adam Page via Pinfall

– Post-match, one of The Dark Order’s creeper (Chris Jericho) is in the ring. He begins beating the heck out of Page and hits a codebreaker. Jericho removes the mask and smiles. Page is busted open now. Referees in there trying to stop this. Jericho hits the judas effect on Page and he drops instantly. Crowd with a “Thank you, Jericho” chant and he flips them off. They stop. He heads to the back as referee tend to a bloodied Page.

Pentagon Jr. and Fenix vs. Scorpio Sky and Frankie Kazarian (with Christopher Daniels)

Back and forth action with thing spilling out to the ramp. Christopher Daniels ends up getting sent to the back. Kazarian really working over Fenix in the ring now. Scorpio tagged in, diving spear in the corner, Kazarian with a kick in the corner. Scorpio tries for the pin, two. Kazarian looks for a suplex, eats a knee to the face and then superkicks Kazarian then a step-up spinning kick to the face! He looks to tag out, but Kazarian grabs him by the foot to stop that. Pele kick by Fenix and he tags out, Scorpio in too. Pentagon ends up hitting superkicks on both opponents. Scorpio eats another superkick by Pentagon and a spinning kick by Fenix.

Scorpio put in the tree of woe over his partner, assisted monkey flip, sending Pentagon into both of them. Pentagon with a double foot stomp off the top rope, cover, two. Pentagon plants Scorpio to the mat while Fenix lands a flying kick down on Kazarian. Pentagon looks for a piledriver, Kazarian breaks things up, hits a guillotine leg drop on Pentagon. Kazarian with a german suplex on Fenix. Pentagon back in the ring and hits some chops and kicks. Kazarian with a back cracker right into Scorpio’s kick. Double stomp/side suplex on Pentagon. Fenix with a double stunner on his opponents.

Scorpio sent to the apron and hits an ace crushed on the apron on Pentagon. Kazarian with a dropkick on Fenix in the corner, sits him up on the top turnbuckle. Kazarian goes up, gets knocked back, Scorpio goes up to the top now, gets shoved down to the apron. Kazarian with an up and over assisted DDT on Fenix, cover, two. Pentagon tries to fight off both SCU members. Fenix works his way back in, walking the ropes double stomp on Kazarian. Pentagon with a canadian destroyer on Scorpio, cover, two. Package piledriver/double foot stomp on Scorpio for the 1-2-3.

Winners: Lucha Brothers via Pinfall

– Post-match, Daniels comes back in to help and ends up eating a ladder from the Lucha Brothers. They smack Kazarian with it, as well. The ladder is setup in the middle of the ring and the brothers climb up. He takes the mic and gets the crowd to do a “Cero Miedo” chant. At the top, Pentagon says they are the best tag team on the planet. They have a message for the Young Bucks: a ladder match in Chicago at All Out.

Kenny Omega vs. CIMA

CIMA getting the best of Omega early on, multiple arm drags and lands a double stomp on Omega. Omega finally getting back into this one, plants CIMA, elbow drop, cover, two. Omega counters CIMA, sending him out to the floor. Omega looks to fly, but CIMA gets back in the ring and kicks Omega right in the face. Omega with a tornado DDT. Omega with hangman driver, cover, two. Omega with v-trigger to the back of CIMA’s head. CIMA is sat up on the top rope, Omega follows, looking for a an electric chair, CIMA counters with a flipping powerbomb. CIMA heads back to the top rope, meteora, but ends up going straight into the mat.

Omega working over CIMA’s knees now. Omega rolling senton, second rope moonsault, CIMA gets the knees up. Omega charges in, misses, CIMA with some chops, Omega with a chop block, nasty looking snap dragon suplex. Omega looking for one winged angel, no, CIMA with a backstabber. CIMA with a dropkick that sent Omega from the apron down to the floor. CIMA went over the top, lands on his feet, Omega lifts and slams CIMA’s knee on the apron. Omega sets up the timekeeper table. He throws CIMA’s head down on it, looks for a kneebreaker, no. CIMA with a snap suplex on the floor.

Omega on the table now, CIMA goes up above him and hits meteora on Omega! The two wrestlers make their way back into the ring. CIMA with a springboard meteora to the back of Omega’s head, and another one to the front, cover, two-count. CIMA up top, looks for meteora again, Omega catches him in midair, snap dragon suplex, v-trigger, pin, two. Omega with another v-trigger, one winged angel, no, CIMA lifts Omega and eventually hits a DDT. More counters, standing meteora, second rope meteora.

Omega rolls to the apron, CIMA follows, looking for air raid crash and hits it! Another meteora, Omega gets his foot under the rope to break up the pin. Massive slaps and chops from both wrestlers. CIMA with a roundhouse kick, Omega rolling elbow, CIMA lands a dropkick, v-trigger on CIMA and then a tiger driver 98, cover, two. Omega misses a v-trigger, CIMA nearly gets a 3-count on a tricky roll-up. Omega lands another v-trigger, one winged angel hits, and we’re done here.

Winner: Kenny Omega via Pinfall

– Chris Jericho heads out to the ring and takes the mic. Jericho says he’s looking at the blood from Adam Page that’s still on his hand. Jericho says he still wants his “thank you,” and not from the fans. He starts ripping on the city’s name and soaks in the boos. Jericho says he’ll get his thank you by beating everyone in AEW, starting with Page. Jericho says if he wasn’t here, the fans wouldn’t be here, they’d be turning in cans for change. He says the TNT deal is due to him. Jericho says he watched the battle royal to see who he would eventually face and it ended up being Page. Jericho says he’s one of the best performers he’s seen in years, he stays up at night worrying about this match because if he wins, it’s just another notch in his belt. But if he loses, it will be the beginning of the end for AEW and Jericho’s career.

Jericho wonders where he’ll go from there if he does lose, so he has to beat “The Hangman.” Jericho says at All Out, he will be the champion and without him AEW wouldn’t exist. He then says Page is nothing but a “little b—-,” Page charges the ring and takes down Jericho. Officials and referees try to pull them away from each other and Page takes out some of the officials. Now some wrestlers have come out to stop things. Jericho ends up out on the floor and makes his way to the stage. Avalon is out there and the crowd is “shushing” as Jericho heads backstage. Page is still pissed off as he makes his way to the back.

Cody and Dustin Rhodes vs. The Young Bucks

Cody and Nick shake hands as we get things started. Cody shoots for a single leg takedown, Nick finds his way to the ropes. Nick with some side headlock takeovers, couple counters. Cody claps and looks for another handshake, Nick kicks it away this time. Cody challenges Nick to take him down, doesn’t happen, Cody flexes in front of Nick and gets slapped in the face. Nick slides out to the floor, tries to catch Cody with a move, no. Back in the ring, both look to finish each other off, but no luck. Matt and Dustin get in the ring for a moment. Dustin tags in, facebuster on Nick, uppercut on Matt, Cody does the same, double clothesline sends Matt out to the floor.

They drop Nick, but Matt leaps off the top rope for a crossbody, taking out both Rhodes. Nick with a pop-up dropkick on Dustin. Another kick sends Cody off the apron and to the floor. Nick and Matt with stereo planchas over the top rope. They mock the Rhodes yet again. Crowd with an “older brother” chant. Dustin back in the ring with Matt, punch to the face, Nick trips up Dustin, allowing Matt to hit a dropkick. Nick with a facebuster, then moonsault off the apron on Cody.

Matt with some hard shots in the corner on Dustin. Dustin really getting worked over, needs to tag out. Young Bucks both knock Cody off the apron. Dustin with a double back body drop on Matt and Nick. Dustin gets to his corner, but Cody isn’t there. Dustin hits a spinebuster on Matt. Dustin looks to tag out, Nick then trips Cody off the apron. Nick then mockingly says “Tag me!” Dustin punches him in the face. Matt then drops Dustin. Dustin heads to the top rope and hits twisting crossbody on both opponents. Cody gets the tag, drops both brothers, dragon leg screw on Nick. Lifts and dumps Matt to the mat. Cody heads to the top rope and hits a moonsault on a standing Nick Jackson. Matt out to the ramp, Cody slingshots himself over and slams into Matt.

Cody takes off the weight belt and whacks Matt over the back with it. Matt is now sat on the top turnbuckle, super reverse suplex hits, cover, two. Matt recovers, tries to charge into Cody in the corner, nobody home and Matt goes all the way into the ring post. Dustin tagged in and he continues to focus on that damaged shoulder. Cody back in there, stomping away at Matt. Cody spits towards Nick (who spat at Cody earlier on). Rhodes brothers in control of the match at the moment, still working on Matt’s bad shoulder, slowing things way down.

Cody throws Matt, and Matt ends up going towards Dustin, sending him off the apron. Matt then sends Cody on the ramp, Cody gets back in the ring and eats a spear from Matt. Nick looking for the tag, gets it and takes down both Cody and Dustin. Nick with a kick to Dustin, stomp to the back, then hits a rolling backstabber on Cody. Double figure-four leg locks on The Young Bucks. All four wrestlers hit lariats on each other and are down until about seven. Dustin tags himself in, spinning power slams on Nick and then Matt. Dustin with a flipping senton off the apron while Cody flies over him with a crossbody. Dustin sets Nick up for shatter dreams. Matt tags himself in, Matt sneaks in with a superkick. Meltzer driver, Cody with a kick on Nick to break that up, then a disaster kick on Matt. Assisted cross rhodes hits, cover, Nick with a senton off the top rope to break up the pin.

Dustin punching Nick in the face, Nick gets in there with Cody and they all swing away wildly. The referee ends up getting popped during that sequence and is down. Cody and Dustin go for stereo shatter dreams while Rick Knox is down. Cody looks for another step-up crossbody and eats double superkicks. The Young Bucks now eye Dustin in the ring. Dustin fights them off for a moment, but then gets popped with a superkick, another kick, elbow drop off the top rope by Matt, cover, two. Dustin with a Yoshi tonic. Cody back in there and eats some kicks. Cody no holding the back of his head where those staples where. Bucks wait a moment, then stereo superkick him, cover, Dustin flies in and breaks that up. Young Bucks pull off the Rhodes’ uppercut, Cody and Dustin hit superkicks, cross rhodes hit on Cody, cover, two. Nick with the step-up dive on Dustin out on the floor. Matt lifts Cody, Meltzer driver hits, 1-2-3.

Winners: The Young Bucks win via Pinfall

– Post-match, Matt takes the mic and says he knows they’ve been making fun of Cody and Dustin, but it was all in the spirit of competition. Matt and Nick says they’ve been all over and wrestled everyone, and said they heard of the myth of the Rhodes brothers. Matt says he doesn’t watch much of the “other product,” so he didn’t get to see much of their work. Matt says Cody and Dustin are one of the best team they’ve ever been in the ring with. Music suddenly hits, Brandi Rhodes, Kenny Omega, Shad Khan, and other talent come out to show off the check. The event raised $150,000 for victims of gun violence. Rhodes says “you can’t counter-program” what All Elite Wrestling is doing. Rhodes then asks the crowd if they are coming with them when AEW hits TNT in the fall. Cody says he doesn’t have a signature sign-off line, so he passes it to Kenny Omega who slightly adjusts his sign-off, instead of saying “bang,” he says “boing.”