Below are highlights from the latest Being the Elite.

* Peter Avalon, Jack Evans, and Sammy Guevara wait in line outside an “EVP” office, Avalon heads in. He’s really not happy about The Librarian character and feels it’s a dumb gimmick. He’s actually talking with Trevor and Arthur. Arthur says the gimmick is gold and thinks Avalon is being an idiot. Trevor calms Arthur down and says he appreciates Avalon’s thoughts, but says they have a full team of writers who have spent hours and hours putting the gimmick together, and “it’s really good s—.” That last part referencing something Vince McMahon apparently says a lot in regards to creative. Begrudgingly, Avalon says if that’s what they want on their show, then that’s what they’ll get. Arthur says to Trevor he will be amazed if Avalon actually gets the gimmick over, Trevor sneezes, Arthur gets all annoyed (another Vince reference).

* Marko Stunt is sitting on the couch, looking at his phone. Billy Gunn walks in and ends up just sitting down on Stunt, “Woah! I didn’t even see you there. Maybe grow up a little bit or something.” A sad Stunt heads out of the room.

* Backstage, Private Party celebrate about being full-time in AEW and high-five each other. Referee Rick Knox is in the background says they tagged and need to switch places and begins his count, they quickly switch.

* Back to Stunt who bumps into Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus in the hallway. Jungle Boy checks out Stunt and sees he has similar long hair, like them. Jungle Boy whispers something to Luchasaurus, who then tells Stunt that being bullied sucks and they have his back. The three head off together.

* Uno of The Dark Order says everything he’s said has come true, yet the fans still doubt them. At Fight of the Fallen, they beat two of the fans’ favorite teams and will now face The Best Friends at All Out to get that first round bye in the AEW World Tag Team Tournament.

* BTE Mailbag: Adam Page is asked if he will ride a horse to the ring at All Out, he’d love to, but he’s got a “no” from multiple people on that subject. Page is also asked if any of his former students (Page was a teacher before wrestling) have reached out to him about his upcoming match against Chris Jericho. He said a few have, but he doesn’t check his DMs that much so he may have missed those who have in the past. He then invites any former students to get a hold of him in the future for free tickets when AEW comes nearby.

* Michael Nakazawa is asked he thinks there will be a midcard title in AEW. He said he hopes so, although he has no desire to win serious titles and he doesn’t have a chance anyways. He hopes they come up with title he has a shot at winning, like a Pre-Show Title. Kenny Omega is then asked if he can still say his sign-off, “Goodbye and good night, bang.” Omega says he can, but at Fight for the Fallen he just felt it was necessary to change “bang” to “boing.” He did it because that was a charity show for victims of gun violence. Also, he thought they were off the air by that point.

* The Young Bucks accept Pentagon Jr. and Fenix challenge for All Out. The AAA Tag Titles will be on the line in a Ladder Match on August 31. Nick and Matt talk some trash about their opponents, Matt says to truly known your enemy, you must become your enemy. The camera pans in and out and the brothers are wearing the masks of Pentagon and Fenix.