Awesome Kong is pulling double-duty as not only is she signed to AEW but she also is a part of the GLOW cast where she portrays Tamme “The Welfare Queen” Dawson. AEW is Kong’s first appearance in a major promotion in over three years and she talked about what it’s like to return to pro wrestling when she spoke to Wrestling Inc. on our WINCLY podcast.

“Oh gosh. It’s exciting and I’m happy for my wrestling community that they’re working in a place that they love and that they feel heard,” Kong said of AEW. “Everyone’s collaborating and putting the best product together to put out there. The wrestling fans feel like they’ve been heard and they’re getting the best product. Everyone’s happy and they can’t wait to see what’s gonna bloom.”

Kong accompanied Brandi Rhodes to the ring at Fight for the Fallen and said it was “extremely possible and likely” that she’ll show up on AEW’s TNT show in Brandi’s corner.

Also at the event, Awesome Kong faced off with Aja Kong, implying that the two may have a match in the future. Awesome was asked what she thinks of Aja.

“She’s the OG Kong and has so much experience. To be wrestling as long as she’s had, that’s a blessing in itself and is still so formidable. I would love to get in there and tangle with her like two wildebeest and give something the fans have been looking forward to for a long time. That’s something I really wanna give to people that have been wanting to see that,” stated Awesome Kong.

There are some natural wrestlers among the GLOW cast but many others were simply trained for the show. Kong talked about watching the GLOW cast as their skills have improved over time.

“It’s been so breathtaking because you get to see a wrestler being born. It’s so precious to see their confidence rise with each training season. Now each of them are so formidable that they can hang with the best of them,” Kong said before saying that Kimmy Gatewood took to wrestling like she’s been doing it forever.

“I would vouch for anyone in the cast if they wanted to go out and work.”

Kong was then asked about possibly bringing GLOW talent to AEW and she responded, “Mums the word.”

Kong was a recurring character in Season 1 before becoming a regular cast member in Season 2. She was asked why she received more screen time in the second season.

“I have no idea. Well, we are an ensemble cast and I think it’s just getting to each character’s story. This season we get into other character’s story so they are having more screen time. I think over the season everyone is gonna get shined more and I think just my number was up first,” said Kong before Wrestling Inc’s Nick Hausman pointed out that she used wrestling terminology like “shined” when talking about the GLOW characters.

“[Laughs] It’s embedded; we don’t even hear ourselves when we speak.”

Kia Stevens (aka Awesome Kong) returns as Tammy “Welfare Queen” Dawson to GLOW for season three. GLOW season three will be released August 9h on Netflix. Her full interview with Wrestling Inc aired as part of a recent episode of our WINCLY podcast. It can be heard via the embedded audio player at the bottom of this post. In it Kong discusses her GLOW fandom as a kid, GLOW’s powerful “Mother Of All Matches” episode, getting a bigger “push” in GLOW season two, her AEW future, possible GLOW – AEW crossover, her role in pro wrestling’s women’s revolution and more.

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