As speculated earlier this week when Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson officially reunited The Club with AJ Styles on RAW, Gallows and Anderson have either agreed to or actually signed their new five-year contracts with WWE, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Gallows and Anderson are said to be re-signing with WWE under long-term deals. There’s no word yet on the exact length of those deals, but most of the recent extensions have been for five years.

The AJ heel turn and the reunion of The Club was reportedly planned out before Paul Heyman was hired as the new RAW Executive Director. As we’ve noted, Heyman did not run all of the creative for this week’s RAW, but his “fingerprints” were all over the show.

It was also noted that unlike the situation with RAW Tag Team Champions The Revival, where they were given the titles and the push with Shane McMahon to keep them from going to AEW next year, Gallows and Anderson are said to be focused on the new stable with Styles and they have made the decision to stick with the company.