Batista Reveals His Favorite WWE Match, Talks Possibility Of Future WWE Appearances

Retirement matches do not carry a lot of weight in professional wrestling. While the allure of the ring usually will bring a wrestler out of retirement, Batista said on Talk is Jericho that he is going to be the exception.


"My in-ring career is done," Batista stated "If they invited me back to become a personality, say hi to the fans, cut a really bad promo (laughs), I would do it. Because I love professional wrestling, I just love it. But, I will not disrespect myself or my career and go back and wrestle."

Batista said that he knew that WrestleMania 35 match with Triple H would be his last before it even happened.

"Oh yeah, one way or another, whether it was horrible or not," Batista said. "That is why I was so relieved when it was over. That match could have been disastrous, it could have been a horror show. Two old guys got in there, we put it on the line and gave the fans their money's worth. We proved a point to the fans and to ourselves we deserved to be on that card."


With his loss to Triple H ending his great career, Batista could look back on it with a lot of different emotions. However, Batista said that he was "super happy" with how his career ended up.

"I'm super happy with it," Batista exclaimed. "I'm really happy, really content. I went out on a high note. More than anything, the most important thing to me is I went out on my terms. I held out, I held my ground, I went out the way I wanted to go out. With Hunter helping me, supporting me, he wanted to see me off this way as well."

With so many matches under his belt, one would think it could be hard for Batista to pinpoint his favorite match. However, he was able to do so and the answer is a surprising one.

"It was with Rey Mysterio at a house show in Mexico," Batista revealed. "I begged and pleaded to get this match. We weren't set up to work each other, but I was leaving the company, it was 2010-ish, I was really hot as a heel at this point and I felt it was my last chance to work Rey as a heel in Mexico, it's the dream. We went and gave them a pay-per-view match. We went back and got a standing ovation. Rey kicked out of my finish, we gave them every bell and whistle we could think of. That's what I wanted my career to be. I gave them their hero. I was really proud of that match."


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