As seen above, former WWE Superstar Dave Batista sat down with his co-star for the upcoming film Stuber, Kumail Nanjiani, to take a lie detector test for Vanity Fair. Batista didn't hold back and revealed some new tidbits of information regarding his time in WWE.

"[I was part of WWE] for just under 20 years," Batista said. "I miss it very much. I will [miss wrestling Triple H]; I don't at this point because it's still very fresh, but yes, he's the best."

Batista is one of many wrestlers that chose to wore trunks throughout his career, exposing more skin than other performers. When asked whether or not he missed his in-ring attire, Batista had a quick response.

"No," Batista stated. "But yes, [I still wear a Speedo to swim]."

Batista believes that his co-star of an average man's build, Kumail Nanjiani, could actually put up a fight against "most" of WWE's active roster.

"Yes, [I think you could take on a WWE wrestler] at this point - most of the current roster," Batista said with a chuckle.

Since parting ways with WWE, Batista has landed starring roles in movies like the aforementioned Stuber, My Spy, and the Dune remake. None of these roles may compare to the lifelong fame that will likely be associated with Batista's role as Drax The Destroyer in the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy movies. Even still, Batista says that pro wrestling fans take the cake on the craziest fan base.

"[Marvel fans are not crazier than wrestling fans], no. Not even close," Batista explained.

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