Dave Bautista (Batista) left an imprint on the wrestling world and has turned that success into the world of film. Batista retired from professional wrestling following his WrestleMania match with Triple H. The Animal sat down with Chris Jericho on Talk is Jericho and spoke about the match and why it took so long to come into fruition.

"I don't know if Vince just didn't see value in it, after my last run with the company," Batista stated. "Last year it was scheduling (he was filming a movie), it always one thing or another. I kept bugging Vince about it. I saw him we were both having surgeries, I was having a hamstring repaired and he was having a knee replaced. I talked to him about it and he said he would call and never did. I told Hunter about it and he was upset, he said he asked Vince about it and Vince didn't recall. Which is possible, he could have been on something (because of the surgery).

"Then there was another time where they had Stone Cold, Mick Foley, and Shawn Michaels and they did something with the New Day (WrestleMania 32), I was supposed to play the part of Mick and I said that was something I didn't want. Hunter was there and I said, 'When are we going to start talking about Hunter at Mania?' They just never really showed any interest in it."

Although his final run was better received then is 2014 return, Batista felt creative still needed work.

"It was a nightmare, it wasn't like last time, but it was difficult," Batista exclaimed. "I thought if I go back now, what are we doing for five weeks, like in 2014 when I went out there and cut these really horrible promos, I was just regurgitating the same stuff."

Washington DC is a big part of Batista life as he was born and raised there. It was also the site of his return at the 1000th episode of SmackDown and the site of his last Raw appearance. It also provided him with his first WWE experience.

"I shed a few tears, the first time I was in that arena, I was kicked out," Batista recalled. "I had called Jim Cornette looking for a job and no one would return my calls. They had a house show there, had some friends make a couple of calls to see if Cornette would be there and I just went down there. I didn't know any better, went backstage, no one stopped me and I'm just walking around backstage looking for him. Security came up and asked if they could help me and I told them I was looking for Cornette, they told me I had to leave."

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