- Above is the latest Major Wrestling Figure Podcast vlog from Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins, featuring footage from their recent trip to Tokyo, Japan for the WWE live events at Sumo Hall. Ryder and Hawkins make stops at two places that are legendary to wrestling fans in Tokyo - Ribera Steakhouse and the Toudoukan Pro Wrestling shop.

- WWE stock was down 3.31% today, closing at $72.66 per share. Today's high was $74.67 and the low was $72.49.

- RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch took to Twitter this afternoon and tweeted this promo to hype tonight's RAW main event with WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins vs. Andrade and Zelina Vega.

Becky uses graphics of several stars in the video, including a shot of Paul Heyman as she mentions tonight's RAW. Heyman is the new Executive Director of RAW. She also uses shots of Conor McGregor, Lacey Evans, WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin and others she's talking about.

"This Monday it is the Universal Champion Seth Rollins and the RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch taking on the amazing incredible talented Andrade and his translator," Becky said. "Now I am aware that we have the greatest, most talented witch... women's division in the entire business, and yet these aberrations keep surfacing around the champ and when it comes time to shine against the champ, their whole plan, their master plan is to say something sassy or something mean, and that's it because their lazy eyes think that's what made my career, the career that they're all trying to copy now. Take for example, Andrade's bag carrier, Zelina Vega. She opens her mouth and she shows us something truly amazing, and that is she sucks in two languages. She talks about how I think she's short. It doesn't matter to me the height you are when you're face down slapping the mat. So, come one, come all, the talented Zelina, because I'm always ready I'm always waiting, and I'm always going to back up what I said. Are you?