As noted, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T spoke on a media call recently that Wrestling Inc. was on-hand for. Booker went into detail about his favorite match from his time working with Impact Wrestling: the one-on-one match he had against Samoa Joe at Victory Road 2008.

"[My favorite match] in Impact was me and Samoa Joe in Houston, Texas. I went out there and gave Joe everything, man," Booker said. "That's one of the few times I've bled in the ring... It was a great time working with Samoa Joe. Even now, Joe is one of my favorite people and I love watching what he's doing."

When the prospect of a hypothetical "last match" came up, Booker responded with some promising words.

"I stay in the gym, I stay ready just in case I need to go out and pick up checks somewhere. So, you never know," Booker replied.

As superstars continue transitioning from one company to the other, they sometimes have harsh things to say about the promotion they left. However, for Booker, he explained that the creative material companies gave him wasn't something he saw as a burden.

"Throughout my time in the business, I never got frustrated with the company, directors, or anything like that because I always felt like I was treated fairly," Booker said. "And as far as direction goes, it really didn't bother me which direction I was going in. It was just for me to take that direction they give you and trying to make something out of it. Wrestling has always been about whatever I'm placed in my hand, that night, go out there and try to make it into gold. Sometimes I cared - don't get me wrong... But for me, I loved going out and just performing."

When he was still a part of TNA/Impact Wrestling, Booker wanted to use his time with the company to assist the up-and-coming talent at reaching their full potential.

"People may not know, but my main objective when I went to TNA back in the day, it wasn't for my happiness; I was happy with my career," Booker explained. "I knew I could do a little bit more, not for me but for the young talent that was coming up. I believed in that young locker room. I thought the guys had something very, very special. They were on the right track but they lost focus and they lost momentum at the same time, but I believe in the future of the business, and the young talent and just trying to teach them what the business is truly all about."

Booker continues devoting his time and energy into producing new stars out of his Reality of Wrestling School. He's hopeful that his students are going to leave the audience at Deep Impact thoroughly impressed at how skilled and polished they are.

"I'm sure Impact is going to see some guys from ROW on Deep Impact and go, 'Wow, these guys are really, really good.' And that's what we specialize in at ROW - we're a bunch of rag-'em-ups that nobody knows, and then they see us and they go, 'Wow, these guys are really good.' That's the goal," Booker stated. "And ROW, we basically have an open-door policy for young talent out there looking to come up and move to the next level. A lot of guys that have worked in Impact, they've already come to Su Yung's. They've come through ROW and have had a taste of what we do here, and they always can't wait to get back. Our things is, the more young people that we can get into the business, that's my thing; that's my goal."

Booker T's Reality of Wrestling and Impact Wrestling present Deep Impact this Saturday, July 6th. It will be streamed live via Twitch and ImpactPlus.

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