AEW Chief Brand Officer Brandi Rhodes revealed that she gets death threats and hate messages sent to her daily on social media.

In a series of tweets, Rhodes explained that social media is just flooded with hate and people wishing others would fail, die, or likely both. She went on to say that people that have a blue check on their social media accounts get preyed on for no reason and how they can’t even defend themselves.

In her last tweet she wrote, “And people feel okay with themselves at the end of the day. You’re sad, bitter and angry at all of the wrong people. People you’ve never met. Never had a conversation with. You hate us and wish we would die. How embarrassing that must be to know how shallow and selfish you are.”

After her tweets, someone replied to her, “I’m sorry but you are the same person who does the same thing?” After that Rhodes asked the user if they could point out where she wished failure and death upon someone on here.

Below is the Twitter thread:

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