Earlier this month at AEW Fight for the Fallen, Britt Baker teamed up with Riho in a losing effort against Bea Priestley and Shoko Nakajima. During the match, Baker sustained a concussion.

In this episode of Being the Elite, Baker was involve in the weekly BTE Mailbag segment and was asked how she was recovering from the injury and if she would be wrestling at AEW All Out on August 31 in Chicago.

"Thank you to everybody who's been following up and giving all your support and concern, it means the world to me, you guys really are the best," Baker said. "I'm doing fantastic, I feel great. It was a rough couple weeks originally, but now I feel good. I've been in great care with AEW doctors and trainers, following up with the appropriate specialists and everything's looking good. I'm hoping to get cleared any day now to get back into the ring, which takes us to All Out. Will I be booked? You're gonna have to wait and see."

Below are the rest of the highlights from the latest episode.

* Young Bucks asks his kids to say "Happy Birthday" to Nick. They end up saying and doing the "Cero Miedo" taunt to him. Nick flings his sunglasses in anger.

* Cody helps Matt with his tie for their appearance at TCA to make the announcement that the AEW show will be live, weekly on Wednesday nights with the first show happening in Washington DC.

* Numerous AEW Stars doing a photo shoot at TCA including Jungle Boy who the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega say looks like a leaner, meaner Kenny G.

* We see the trailer that was shown for the AEW / TNT weekly show.

* Private Party enjoy some drinks at the bar. The Young Bucks come up to say hi, but Atlas Security backs them up and says it's a private party and they can't be here. Matt says to Nick, "How fast people change. Just last week, we signed their asses to contracts." Matt and Nick say they should show them what kind of parties they throw and go in for superkicks, but Private Party beats them to the punch with a pair of their own. The Young Bucks will face Private Party at House of Glory Wrestling High Intensity 8 on August 9.

* Daniels and Kazarian talk with Jungle Boy. They appreciate he's also from Southern California, but AEW is where the big boys play. Daniels questions if Jungle Boy thinks he and Luchasaurus are better than SCU. Jungle Boy just stares at him as Luchasaurus lifts him up on his shoulders. SCU tries to do the same, but end up doing the reverse piledriver position and end up arguing with each other and head off.

* Daniels is looking at his phone as he goes to head into the women's dressing room. Referee Rick Knox is right there and tells him not to go in, "this is not an intergender match!" Not really paying attention, Daniels tries to go in and Knox starts up his count. Daniels then realizes where he was headed and thanks Knox for doing a good job.

* BTE Mailbag: Christopher Daniels is asked if he still does the Waterworld show at Universal Studios. Daniels says he's no longer the full or part-time guy there, but does make appearances from time-to-time to do the show. Chris Jericho says after intense negotiations he agreed to answer one question on BTE Mailbag. He noted most of the questions were stupid, but the one he picked: "Was Jericho's contract offered via a text message?" (a reference to CM Punk saying his offer from AEW was also via text message). Jericho says AEW President Tony Khan doesn't tweet or text him because he doesn't have Jericho's number, he's not in Jericho's inner circle. AEW had to call his 1-800 number and leave a message. Jericho said made some hefty demands on the company and they could then have 10 minutes of his time. A deal was made for a lot of money, Jericho joked he had full control of not only his work, but the entire company, so whatever is good was his idea, if it was bad someone else had a hand in it.

* Nick talks about turning 30. Matt and Nick hype tickets going on sale for the first AEW TV show in October.