Brock Lesnar - Seth Rollins Stat, Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods On Holding Gold Together, The Revival

- Above is video of RAW Tag Team Champions The Revival talking to Cathy Kelley after retaining their titles over The Usos at WWE Extreme Rules.

"Queen Cathy, let me stop you right there," Dash Wilder interrupted after Cathy mentioned The Usos being one of the best tag teams. "You're right, they are arguably one of the best, but you are talking to, are looking at, you are interviewing the best tag team to ever do this. We told the Universe that we were going to walk out of here still the tag team champions. They said they had momentum on their side, we said they had their uncle, their daddy, their cousin Roman on their side. They don't have momentum. When it comes to being the absolute best, when it comes to being the champions, they can't hold a candle to us."


"Look at all the people putting us over on Twitter," Scott Dawson said. "It is blowing up. They're putting us over on Twitter because we are what we say we are, for the last 5.5 years or maybe the last 27 years, we are the absolute unit on this planet. There's nobody else that compares around the world. Monday night, Tuesday night, Wednesday, Thursday, or any other day of the week. Yeah, The Usos, I give them respect. They took u to the limit and they proved to The Top Guys, they proved to us that they ain't easy, but the thing is, we ain't that easy either. And I think this proves it. 7 times? Not a chance, not on our watch, it ain't gonna happen. So, after The Usos, the last few months of them and a few other people trying to embarrass us, who's embarrassed tonight? Huh? I don't think it's The Top Guys."


- New WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar and former champion Seth Rollins are now the only WWE Superstars in history to cash in Money In the Bank contracts to end each other's title reigns, according to the WWE Stats page.

Lesnar cashed in his briefcase to defeat Rollins for the WWE Universal Title at the end of Extreme Rules. Rollins previously cashed in his briefcase at WrestleMania 31 in 2015, joining the Roman Reigns vs. Lesnar singles match to make it a Triple Threat. Rollins would go on to win Lesnar's WWE World Heavyweight Title in that match by pinning Reigns.

- WWE Extreme Rules saw Big E and Xavier Woods capture the SmackDown Tag Team Titles by winning the Triple Threat over Heavy Machinery and former champions Daniel Bryan and Rowan, while WWE Champion Kofi Kingston retained his title over Samoa Joe. The New Day has defended tag team titles under the Freebird Rule for years now, but this is the first time that all three members have held a title at the same time. Kofi and Woods took to social media after the show and marked the big milestone.

Kofi wrote on Instagram, "We have talked about this moment for so long...and 5 years later almost to the day, we did it.... WE DID IT BAAAAAAYYYYBBEEE!!!! #AllTheGold #wweextremerules"


"Crazy what five years can do," Woods tweeted.

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