Lacey Evans recently posted on Instagram that she was named Best Breakout Superstar by WWE fan votes, which Carmella had something to say about.

Carmella commented on the photo, "To be fair, you're the only new female talent that they've actually used all year." After her comment, one user told Carmella that's why the award is for Best Breakout Superstar and that it mentions nothing about best breakout female superstar. The user then told her that she was being shady for no reason.

Other users did agree with Carmella and few said that while it was true, Evans was a great heel.

Lacey Evans did respond to Carmella's comment, she wrote on Twitter, "Future's so bright my big hats help with shade y'all. Y'all smell that? I'm over here at a spa minding my own business & it starts reeking of jealousy, discontent & classlessness. swallow it, ya Nasty."

Below is Evans' post and her response to Carmella: