Dolph Ziggler, a former WWE World Heavyweight Champion after over a decade with the company, recently spoke with Chris Van Vliet about where he's currently at in his career. Ziggler returned to WWE earlier this Summer after being absent since The Royal Rumble, and he immediately went into a program against the current WWE Champion, Kofi Kingston.

"I was hoping for six months [when I took a break]," Ziggler told Vliet. "... And then I was like, 'Well, three months would be great,' and a couple of weeks in I was asked [to return] and I said that I can't do it. With a little bit of Royal Rumble in there, we had a couple of weeks. But [it was] a solid two and a half months [off] which is more time than I had off in 14 years combined."

Ziggler has had competitive matchups with countless surefire Hall of Famers, such as John Cena, Randy Orton, and Triple H. Even still, Dolph desires to have a lasting rivalry against AJ Styles so they can utilize their amateur, mat-wrestling ability.

"I would like to do something long-term with AJ Styles," Ziggler noted. "Because we got to do a couple of live events and a couple of shows to where him and I said at the beginning, 'We're just going to go amateur wrestling at the beginning.' So we just got to roll around to test each other out and feel it out."