Yesterday, Dana Brooke retweeted a bunch of her moves from her match against Sarah Logan on WWE Main Event. Among the tweets, she highlighted one of her suplexes and wrote, “New me new skills.”

Ember Moon noticed the suplex, felt it was very similar to one of her moves, and responded, “Is it…Pretty sure I do that…”

Dana Brooke was quick to respond, noting Moon hasn’t been on TV all that much to show it off, and that Moon has other Superstars she should be focusing on.

“Sweeti, don’t act like you’ve been on TV all that much to show your ‘skills’… It’s a SUPLEX, hunny…didn’t know you claimed that…I’m pretty sure all the women could do it if they wanted! Someone salty, focus on Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville, first.”

Moon replied that Brooke should look to be more original with her moveset, and that Brooke would be equally as bothered if Moon did the same to her.

“That’s funny…How long have you been on main roster and how many matches have you had… All I am saying is that instead of dipping in our moveset, be original… I know you are capable of it. I take pride in what I do…Not salty, but angry. You would too if I did the same.”

Moon has performed that tornado suplex maneuver on the main roster and during her time in NXT.