GCW "Beg For Mercy" Recap (7/26): Gage Faces Cassidy For The World Title, Teddy Hart In Action

Welcome to Wrestling Inc.'s live coverage of GCW Beg For Mercystreaming live via Fite.tv. Today's event takes place at the House of Independents from Asbury Park, New Jersey. Feel free to sound off in the comments, and enjoy the show!

Jon Moxley vignette video for GCW Bloodsport II is played. Moxley will be featured in a high-profile matchup with Josh Barnett. The event takes place on September 14th, and will stream on Fite.

After a slight delay on the feed, the commentary team welcomes us to the show. Jimmy Lloyd makes his entrance for our opening contest of the evening. He'll be facing Jake Atlas, who is out second.

Jimmy Lloyd versus Jake Atlas

Tie-up. Lloyd with an arm-drag. Atlas fires one right back. Stalemate. They reset. Nice sequence of counters. Atlas goes for a shining wizard...Lloyd rolls him up but misses a strike attempt. Atlas sends Lloyd to ringside, then connects with a twisting tope con hilo. Back in the ring...Lloyd nails Atlas with a knee from the apron. Lloyd takes control with an arm-drag sending Atlas into the turnbuckles. He stomps him down. Big chop by Atlas, followed by a high kick and German suplex in succession. Lloyd bounces right up and drops Atlas with a dragon suplex. Jumping cutter from Lloyd but Atlas fires back an ace crusher in response. Both men are down. Back and forth striking...thrust kick...superkick...Atlas wins the exchange with a discus lariat. Running corner forearm from Atlas...Lloyd goes for a middle-rope attack but Atlas catches him on his shoulders...DVD. Standing moonsault for a nearfall.

Lloyd attempts a dominator...Atlas escapes and falls to the apron. He climbs...cartwheel DDT is blocked by Lloyd...blockbuster DDT by Lloyd. Cover...only two. Lloyd gets Atlas up for the dominator...he drops him on his head with a piledriver. Atlas somehow kicks out on the pinfall. Poison frankensteiner and California destroyer from Atlas. He climbs again...cartwheel DDT connects this time. Lloyd is out.

Jake Atlas wins by pinfall

Ring announcer takes us right to our next bout. Pat Benatar plays, which means it's Marko Stunt time. The little man will be competing in singles-action against Chris Dickinson.

Marko Stunt versus Chris Dickinson

Stunt opens by slapping Dickinson in the chest. Dickinson angrily runs right through him, then viciously powerbombs Stunt hard off the mat. Gorilla press from Dickinson...he transitions into a powerslam. Stunt gets sent face first into the middle turnbuckle. Dickinson picks Stunt up again...he rams him in the corner...Oklahoma stampede slam for two. Stunt tries to get something going but Dickinson decapitates him with a big boot. Foot choke in the corner. Dickinson grabs a chair and brings it into the ring. This gives Stunt time to hit a few right hands. Dickinson is barely phased, dropping Stunt with one chop. He sets the chair up and talks a little trash...suplex attempt...Stunt shifts his weight and lands on his feet. He throws the chair at Dickinson's leg taking him down. Stunt unloads a flurry of chair shots onto Dickinson. Dickinson rolls to the outside to recover.

Stunt nails Dickinson with a baseball slide keeping him at ringside. Suicide dive from Stunt. Dickinson has been busted open. Stunt aims at the wound with right hands. Back inside...Stunt with a sunset flip into a drive-by kick. Stunt climbs to the top...frog splash with pin...Dickinson sneaks a shoulder up. Dickinson with a tilt-a-whirl...Stunt lands on his feet again...both men dodge attacks...pop-up codebreaker from Stunt. Cover...a close two! Stunt goes to the top...Dickinson meets him up there and goes for a superplex...Stunt blocks it...sunset-bomb. Stunt climbs again...Dickinson right back up...superplex hits this time. Spike piledriver from Dickinson. Razor's Edge with a stacked pin...Stunt can't kick out this time.

Chris Dickinson wins by pinfall

Post match Stunt and Dickinson shake hands. Nice ovation from the crowd for both men. Ring announcer reminds the crowd that Bloodsport II will be in Jersey featuring Barnett versus Moxley. He keeps the action coming, with the next bout being scheduled for one-fall. KTB is out first, followed by his opponent...Timothy Thatcher.

KTB versus Timothy Thatcher

Tie-up. Thatcher forces KTB into the ropes...referee breaks the hold. Power strikes from both men...KTB knocks Thatcher into the corner, then catches the big man with a snap powerslam. Rolling shoulder thrust by KTB. Snapmare and blockbuster combination by KTB. He picks Thatcher up in a firemans carry...Thatcher slips behind and applies a sleeper hold. He traps KTB in the ropes and kicks them into KTB's chest. Thatcher nails KTB with a belly-to-belly suplex. Big kick to KTB's back. KTB answers back with big chops but Thatcher makes him pay with a knee to the head. He wears KTB down with a chinlock. Double-underhook attempt...KTB escapes and connects with a few more big chops. He climbs the middle rope and goes for an axe-handle...Thatcher surprises him with a stiff uppercut. Armbar by Thatcher...KTB gets to the ropes.

Thatcher goes for the double-underhook again...KTB shows off his strength by balancing Thatcher on his back before slamming him down. Running corner lariat from KTB. Another back and forth striking exchange...KTB drops Thatcher with a haymaker. Thatcher responds with an open hand slap. KTB fires back with a powerbomb but Thatcher turns it into a reverse armbar. KTB free...pace picks up...KTB slams Thatcher down. Springboard moonsault. Got em!

KTB wins by pinfall

Next out is Kitkutaro and Pinkie Sanchez. Sanchez gets on the mic and tells the fans that it's time for them to take over GCW. He then issues an open challenge to anyone who is brave enough to face them. The challenge is answered by...Nate Webb, who comes through the crowd with a beer in hand. The fans, as they always do, sing along to his theme song. He runs to the top to greet the crowd up there before finally entering the ring. Meanwhile, Sanchez and Kitkutaro begin dancing as Webb removes his accessories. Webb never gets a partner.

Kitkutaro & Pinkie Sanchez versus Nate Webb

Sanchez with a kick to Webb's gut. He and Kitkutaro double-team Webb. They pull him out and wishbone him over the ringpost. Back in the ring...Webb gets trapped by Sanchez, which allows Kitkutaro to hit his signature fingers to the butt spot. Everyone smells Kitkutaro's fingers and they all pass out, including the ref. Dustin Thomas is out! He's revealed as Webb's partner!

Kitkuatro & Pinke Sanchez versus Nate Webb & Dustin Thomas

He climbs to Webb's corner. Webb makes the tag. Thomas with a crossbody onto Sanchez. Kitkutaro attempts to drop an elbow but Thomas moves and Kitkutaro nails Sanchez. This leads to a temporary argument between Sanchez and Kitkutaro, but they eventually make up. They get the upperhand on Thomas. Sanchez traps Thomas in his teams corner. Webb jumps in to help...he lawn darts Thomas who tornado DDT's Sanchez. Cannonball and swanton in succession from Thomas. Kitkutaro breaks the pin attempt. He and Webb trade shots, with Webb rocking him with a series of right hands. Yakuza kick sets up Sanchez for the 619...Thomas connects...springboard 450. It's over!

Nate Webb & Dustin Thomas win by pinfall

Following some shenanigans, the crew sets up the ring for a four-way f**kery deathmatch. Four doors are placed, which include forks, barbed wire, and blades. Matt Tremont is out first, followed by Eric Ryan and G-Raver. Shlak is out last. Here we go.

Matt Tremont versus Eric Ryan versus G-Raver versus Shlak in a four-way f**kery deathmatch

Shlak opens strong by spearing Tremont through the door covered in plates. Ryan grabs a fork and stabs Raver over the head. Raver gets a fork of his own and spikes Ryan. Tremont samoan drops everyone. Shlak cuts open Ryan with a fork, then gorilla presses Raver off the ring apron. Tremont meets Shlak on the outside and targets his chest with chops. Raver gets nailed with a Tremont right hand. Ryan out of nowhere with a fork to Shlak's forehead. Tremont gets a fork shoved so far into his head that it sticks! Raver goes after him...Tremont headbutts him fork first!

Back in the ring...Ryan and Shlak light each other up with chops. Shlak wins the exchange by chokeslamming Ryan through the door covered in barbed wire. Cover...only two. Meanwhile, Raver sets up a door over the top turnbuckle and climbs...Shlak meets him there...Raver clubs him and Shlak falls onto the door...senton by Raver and the door breaks! Ryan to his feet...he picks up Raver and DVD's him through the door of forks! Tremont nails Ryan and pulls a broken door as a weapon. Everyone grabs a door, except for Ryan who has a chair. Headshots and chairs shots galore. Each man bleeding, falls to the mat. Loud GCW chants from the crowd.

Ryan brings a shopping cart into the ring. Raver catches him with a thrust knee and ripcord forearm. Shlak picks up the pieces and powerbombs Ryan onto the shopping cart. Raver climbs for a swanton...Ryan moves and Raver crashes off the shopping cart. Shlak Alabama slams Ryan onto the cart. Tremont sends Shlak onto the cart with an Attitude Adjustment. Raver attempts a diving maneuver but his head hits the cart. Shlak pins him from there.

Shlak wins by pinfall

A brief intermission is announced.

Back from break...GCW announces that they'll return to this venue (House of Independents) on September 30th. A scramble match will be next. Lose Yourself plays, which can only mean one thing...Teddy Hart time. Hart enters to loud "Teddy" chants. Alex Zayne is next, followed by Grim Reefer, Colby Corino, and Joran Oliver.

Teddy Hart versus Alex Zayne versus Grim Reefer versus Colby Corino versus Jordan Oliver in a scramble match

Everyone goes at it, except for Hart who stand patiently in the corner. Corino, Oliver, and Hart form a temporary alliance, but Hart snuffs out the double-cross, and takes them both out. Corino and Oliver with the double-team...Hart catches them in a double blockbuster DDT to a huge pop. Reefer out of nowhere with a haymaker...Hart fires back with a backstabber. Hart running through everyone...powerbomb lungblower onto Zayne. Oliver bounces off the ropes...Hart with a snap powerslam. Oliver answers with a stunner to Hart near the ropes. Meanwhile, Reefer pounds Corino on the outside. Oliver dives onto the lot at ringside. Reefer's turn. Swanton takes out everyone. Hart follows with a moonsault off the ropes...he nearly touches the ceiling.

Hart pulls out a broken door from the last match. He lawn darts Zayne head first into it. Oliver and Hart fight through the crowd...Hart snap suplexes him onto the floor. Another door gets set up. Reefer climbs but gets knocked off by Zayn. Zayn with a tope con hilo onto Oliver. Zayne and Hart team up...canadian destroyer through the door! In the ring Corino climbs...frankensteiner by Hart but Corino rolls through and puts Hart in the sharpshooter. Corino with an Alabama slam cannonball to Zayne in the corner. Reefer puts Corino with a burning hammer. He has the pinfall but Zayn breaks it up. Springboard Russian leg sweet by Reefer, who transitions right into a crossface. Hart breaks the submission with a springboard elbow moonsault. Crowd loving this.

Oliver surprises Hart with a Spanish-Fly for a nearfall. He climbs...moonsault misses. Rampage DDT. Reefer with a splash to stop the pin attempt. Zayne up top now...450 connects. No one can make the pin. Zayn nails Hart with an enziguri. Zayne up top again...twisting corkscrew lands. Shooting star press from Zayn on the other side...Corino with a superkick. Zayn gets his revenge by pinning Corino after the 630.

Alex Zayne wins the scramble by pinfall

Post match Teddy Hart cuts a promo. He says he's been wrestling for 24 years, one year behind Homicide. He thanks the fans for making GCW the best independent company in the world right now. He puts over Zayn for being a tremendous young talent and gets the crowd to chant his name before exiting.

Shane Mercer is out for our next contest. He'll be battling Daisuke Sekimoto.

Shane Mercer versus Daisuke Sekimoto

A brutal back and forth between the two big men. Had some technical difficulties and was unable to witness the whole thing. Feed returned Mercer and Sekimoto are showing each other respect, with Sekimoto picking up the victory with a Scorpion Death lock.

Daisuke Sekimoto wins by submission

Following the match, KTB comes out and challenges Sekimoto to a rematch. Sekimoto says he's going to beat the sh*t out of KTB. Blake Christian is out for his match with Tony Deppen. Deppen is second.

Tony Deppen versus Blake Christian

Deppen begins with a takedown and a ground and pound. Deep headlock. Christian tries to break it but Deppen keeps it applied. Christian pops off the bottom rope for a modified piledriver. Pace picks up...Christian lands a dropkick. He climbs...Deppen pushes him into the wall but he sticks it! Christian off the wall with a crossbody. Deppen fires back with a suplex to the corner for a nearfall. Deppen catches a thrust kick and ties Christian up in a submission. Snap suplex form Deppen. Stiff kicks to Christian's back. Christian fires back with a bottom rope cutter, 619, then destroys Deppen with a tope con hilo on the outside.

Step-through fameasser from Christian with pin...Deppen kicks out. Christian charges...Deppen drops him with a shin-kick, and follows up with double-knees to the face. No cover made by Deppen. Back and forth striking...neither man giving in...Christian with a combo...Deppen comes right back with a stiff forearm. He picks Christian up in a firemans carry...thrust knee from Deppen...gordbuster attempt but Christian lands on his feet and hits a superkick. Rolling Thunder moonsault by Christian. He looks under the ring for a weapon but finds nothing. He walks backstage and comes back with a door. Christian sets it up in the corner. Deppen with a clubbing blow from behind. They end up on the top ropes...Christian knocks Deppen off and is in position...450 misses but Christian lands on his feet...another knee by Deppen...standing Spanish-Fly by Christian.

Deppen with a superplex...he holds on and picks Christian up into a DVD through the door. He stacks him up...somehow Christian manages to escape the pin. Christian makes Deppen pay with a top rope Spanish-Fly, and nearly wins the bout with a 450. Poison frankensteiner attempt...Deppen has it scouted and places Christian in the turnbuckles...thrust knee, followed by a big elbow to the back of Christian's head. Christian dodges a running knee...corner bulldog and moonsault. That'll do it.

Blake Christian wins by pinfall

Main event time. The challenger Orange Cassidy is out first to a loud ovation. The champ, Nick Gage is next, with the fans showering the arena with the traditional "Nick F**king Gage"chants. Here we go.

Nick Gage versus Orange Cassidy for the GCW World championship

Cassidy with some very non-effective kicks. Gage with a chokebreaker for a nearfall. He reveals a staple-gun and staples Cassidy's hands into his pants pockets. Gage goes for the running corner boot...Cassidy rolls through and Gage nails the turnbuckle. He rolls to the outside holding his leg...Cassidy...with his hands in his pockets...connects with a suicide dive. Back in the ring Cassidy avoids a lariat and drops Gage with a dropkick. Cassidy rips his hands through his pants breaking the staples. Superkick! Cover...Gage escapes. Cassidy to the top rope...Gage catches him with a choke...Cassidy turns it into a frankensteiner. Dragon screw from Cassidy to the injured leg. He raps Gage's leg around the ringpost...he picks up a chair and smashes it off of Gage's leg.

Back in the ring Gage lands an atomic drop off the bad leg...another spinebuster but Gage can't take advantage due to the pain in his leg. Dewey pushes a door into the ring...Cassidy uses the distraction and hits Gage with a basement dropkick to the knee. He picks up the door...Dewey grabs Cassidy's leg and the door falls on him...Gage goes to the top...body splash on the door for a nearfall. He sets Cassidy up for a top rope piledriver...Cassidy has it scouted...he kicks out the leg...top rope DDT! Cover...Gage JUST gets a shoulder up. Cassidy takes a big gulp from his bottle of Orange juice...Gage rakes the back and spikes him with a piledriver. Gage doesn't go for the pin...he calls for his finisher...Cassidy spits the juice in Gage's face...blue-thunder bomb. Two count. Cassidy with an ankle-lock...Gage breaks free...chokebreaker. Now Cassidy kicks out! He goes for a third...small package by Cassidy for a nearfall. A third chokebreaker...Cassidy can't kick out of this one.

Nick Gage wins by pinfall to retain the GCW World championship

Post match Gage is helped to the back. The reign of the king continues.

That's the show friends.