Hernandez Talks AEW, Recalls TNA Trying To Compete With WWE

The former, multi-time TNA/Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champion, Hernandez, was featured on the VOC Nation Wrestling With History show this week to talk about all of the current happenings in the professional wrestling world.


After another successful show was produced in the AEW Fyter Fest, wrestling fans around the world have been buzzing about the developing All Elite Wrestling brand. Hernandez believes that the company has some great momentum going for it, however, he's unsure if it's enough to create serious competition for WWE.

"The WWE is a machine," Hernandez explained. "Everyone has been programmed for years, and years, and years that [WWE] is the place to watch [wrestling]; AEW got a great start by being on TNT, so we'll see what happens. I think they have some big shoes to fill unless they get some crossover from the WWE performers."

Hernandez remembers when TNA/Impact wrestling made the decision to switch over to Monday nights in hopes that they would compete with WWE. Ultimately, things didn't work out as well as TNA management had hoped.


"No disrespect to any regime that we're talking about, but when you're trying to compete with WWE on a Monday night, when you're only doing a 1.3 rating on Thursday night, where's that going to get you? They moved to Monday night and only drew a 0.4. [Then] they moved right back to Thursday," Hernandez said.

Hernandez revealed that he is currently touring with Homicide for "their last run" together. Along with appearances in the States, they're even going international with the tour schedule.

"After my last Impact run, I took some time off. Homicide and I started working together again in January," Hernandez said. "We did a tour in Hawaii and have upcoming appearances in Texas, Missouri, and even Australia. This is our last run, so, we want to go balls to the wall and give the fans what they want to see."

Hernandez remains optimistic about potentially joining AEW one day. For now, a budding career in other forms of television has him preoccupied.

"Anything is a possibility, but I'm just concentrating on what I'm doing now," Hernandez stated. "I'm hosting the VIP Survivalist Program on late night television, teaching people to survive in the wild. My family and I also recently auditioned for a Nickelodeon TV show; I'll know by the first week in August."