As noted, former TNA/Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champion Hernandez was a recent guest on the VOC Nation Wrestling With History show.

Hernandez wasn't shy about his unwavering support for Zelina Vega. Although Vega is now appearing as a part of weekly WWE TV, she was once well-known as Rosita in TNA/Impact Wrestling. There, she captured the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Titles with her cousin, Sarita.

"I always thought [Vega] would be a bigger star. She was young, she looks great, she's talented, and very charismatic in front of the camera," Hernandez said. "Whether it was this genre or anything [on TV], you knew she was going to be a somebody."

Hernandez noted how rare it is for someone in the indies to make it on such a big stage like Zelina did in WWE.

"I think for the younger guys and girls, the first goal is to make a living in wrestling," Hernandez explained. "Very few of the young performers can make a living just on Impact's salary. Her going from the indies, to television [with Impact] - her main goal at the time was getting herself established [so she could go on to launch her career elsewhere]."

WWE made headlines this year as they had women competing in their main event bout at WrestleMania 35. Hernandez pointed out that TNA/Impact was featuring women in important matches long before WWE made the choice to do so.

"TNA was [featuring women] years ago, it's just that nobody was watching. WWE is much bigger and is on a much grander stage, but the TNA women during the Spike TV era were just as good," Hernandez said.

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