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Tonight's Impact will be the go-home show before Slammiversary, which will be on this Sunday at 8 PM EST on FITE and traditional pay-per-view. But before we delve into what will be happening tonight, last week began setting the mood as to whats to come on Sunday.

Last week, The North prevailed in a tag team match against The Deaners. Though The Deaners used several different moves that should've helped get a win, Ethan Page could not be caught, when he was tagged into the match by Josh Alexander and knocked out Cousin Jake for the win. Another tag team match followed, but this time it was the Knockouts turn. Su Yung and Jessicka Havok took on Impact Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie and Rosemary. Even though the match ended in a double countout, each one of the ladies turned on each other. Rosemary brought some thumb tacks into the ring, chairs were thrown, and much more chaos, which caused Father James Mitchell to come out and break up the fight that was among the Knockouts, specifically between Havok and Yung.

Eddie Edwards went to church, asking for forgiveness for what he has done recently. His prayers were not answered in the way that he wanted them to be answered, as Killer Kross showed up at the church and told him to embrace this new darkness inside of him. Because of that, a match between Edwards and Kross was announced later in the evening, as both men will duke it out in a first blood match at Slammiversary.

Speaking of bad omen, after his match with Fallah Bahh, Sami Callihan personally invited soon to be competitor Tessa Blanchard to come into the ring. After talking a good game about how he cannot stand the Knockouts thinking that they're better than their male competitors, Blanchard attempts to attack him. What she didn't realize was that the oVe leader would bring out his family Dave and Jake Crist to hold her down while he used his most favorite weapon of them all, the baseball bat. The brutality that was unleashed by Callihan made announcers Don Callis and Josh Mathews quite ill and it was discussed throughout the night.

Speaking of another upcoming Slammiversary match, the Rascalz had a perfect match up when all three men took on LAX and Laredo Kid. Trey picked up the win for his team (Rascalz), which led to some backstage talk as to who out of those three men will represent their team as they take on LAX for the Impact World Tag Team Championships on Sunday. Tonight, Trey, Wentz, and Dezmond Xavier will battle in a triple threat match to determine who will be the aerial leaders of their group. The loser of the match will have to sit it out on Sunday.

Brian Cage came back to discuss his update on whether or not he can compete on Sunday, as he defends the Impact World Championship against Michael Elgin. Though his doctor said he is not medically cleared to compete, Cage took the doctor out with an F-5. Not too long after, Elgin appeared in the ring brutally attacking Cage to the point that Callis got involved. Before Elgin could do anything to Callis, Cage rises up after a powerbomb through a table set up outside of the ring. The show ended with both mean exchanging hits to one another. So the big question is, what is in store for Impact fans tonight?

Mathews welcomes viewers to Impact Wrestling. The first match of the night is announced.

TJP vs. Ace Austin

The bell rings and both men circle around each other before TJP locks Austin by taking his arm and pushing it backwards. Austin reverses it, putting TJP in a submission on the mat. TJP escapes out of it in a "legless crab walk", as Callis calls it. Austin tries to put TJP in another submission, which counts as a pin, but TJP gets out by the 2 count. TJP now has Austin in a headlock, a kick-out comes from Austin for him to put TJP in a reverse headlock. As TJP gets up, he taunts Austin by trying to shake hands. Austin chuckles knowing that TJP does not mean it.

TJP then removes his honorable hand to Austin. TJP goes for another submission locking in Austin's legs, but Austin is able to get a rope break. Austin goes for a leg hold on TJP in the corner. TJP escapes out of it and tries to do one of his signature flips, only for Austin to move away quickly. A space tiger splash was made by Austin, putting TJP down for a few seconds. With both men back in the ring now, Austin has TJP in another submission hold, this time trying to go for a paper cut on TJP's hand, which he is successful in doing. Austin again goes for another arm submission hold and crawls to TJP's back and presses his knee into his back holding his arms.

A donkey kick comes from TJP, but not much was gained from that. Austin irish whips TJP into the opposite corner, TJP brings out a hurricanrana. Austin bounces back and puts TJP on the top rope attempting to suplex him. TJP fights back with a few rib hits. A headscissors takedown comes in Austin after TJP's hits. Austin holds onto the rope as he tries to pin TJP, which the referee sees and tells him that the pin does not count. TJP goes for a reversal and pins Austin, only for a 2 count. Both men now are exchanging leg kicks and then go for elbow hits. TJP locks in a kneebar for Austin to tap out.

Winner: TJP

After the match, a promo package of Brian Cage is shown. It shows when Cage first won the Impact World Championship and how he has been training for his big moment that will be happening on Sunday, as well has the hardship him and Michael Elgin have had building up whats to come this weekend.

Back from the break, Melissa Santos talks to Johnny Impact and John E. Bravo about their match they will have tonight against Willie Mack and Rich Swann. Santos is quite surprised that Bravo now has a man bun, matching his buddy Impact. Impact goes on to do Randy "Macho Man" Savage type of promos before they end their interview.

Jordynne Grace makes her appearance for the night to be a part of the commentary team during the second match of the night.

Kiera Hogan vs. Madison Rayne

While both Hogan and Rayne are making their entrances, Callis and Mathews are asking Grace how she feels about both of these Knockouts. Grace says that she isn't sure how to feel about Hogan, but feels bad about the things that Hogan went through. Hogan comes out of the ring to attack Grace during her match with Rayne.

In the ring, Rayne has the lead by throwing a few elbows to Hogan. Hogan then comes back with several face kicks, putting Rayne in the corner and does several more kicks. With Rayne now on the mat, Hogan picks her up to try and do a submission. However, Rayne is about to reverse it with several elbow hits on Hogan. Rayne tries to go for a pin, only for a 2 count. Grace is now over by the ring taunting Hogan. Hogan goes for an upper kick and goes for a bridge pin and gets the win.

Winner: Kiera Hogan

Post Match: Grace steps into the ring to confront Hogan, only for Hogan to escape the ring and laugh at her for thinking she had a chance to hit her.

Backstage: The Desi Hit Squad, specifically Gama Singh is giving his boys a celebration toast before their match tonight. With their backs turned, The Deaners sneak in to put beer into the tea pot. All three men spit out the first sip that hits their mouths.

Back from break, Father James Mitchell is trying to calm Jessicka Havok and Su Yung down from their altercation last week. Mitchell says that he needs both women to be understanding and that Rosemary is to blame for the interruption in their dark world. He finishes up their discussion by saying that the goal at the Monster's Ball this weekend is to take out Rosemary.

The Impact Plus Moment of the Week is Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy from Slammiversary June 12, 2016.

After the break, another promo package is shown of what led up to the upcoming match between Sami Callihan and Tessa Blanchard for this Sunday at Slammiversary.

Back to the ring action, Gama Singh announces the rest of the Desi Hit Squad as Rohit Raju takes on Laredo Kid.

Rohit Raju vs. Laredo Kid

Raju goes in right away for a pin, but Kid kicks out at 2. Kid is pushed into the corner of the ring and Kid slaps Raju. During their match, the bottom rope breaks off, both men continue the match. Kid goes for an ear slap. Raju goes for a DDT, leaving Kid to lay there on the mat. Boos start coming from the crowd as Raju continues hitting Kid while he is down. Raju goes for another pin and Kid kicks out at 2. Kid is able to reverse an upcoming move from Raju, kicking him out of the ring and going for a second rope dive. Both men are now back in the ring and Kid goes to the third rope. Gama distracts the referee and Kid kicks Gama off the apron. Raju is now on the top rope with a double foot stomp. He goes for the pin and the 1-2-3 count is successful.

Winner: Rohit Raju

After the break, Moose takes over the squared circle to talk about his match against Rob Van Dam on Sunday. Several fans in the audience are shouting for Moose to "shut up." Moose begins his speech by talking about when he was a little kid and how he watched the legends of ECW. Though he credits the great matches that Van Dam had in ECW, he reminds him that, that was 20 years ago and things change.

The fans are now split down the middle chanting "Rob Van Dan," and the other half chanting "Moose." Moose says that he is Mr. Impact Wrestling and Van Dam is not "The Whole F'n Show" anymore. After comparing their personal lives and careers, he roles a clip of him with a knocked out Sabu, asking if he has Van Dams attention now. Van Dam makes his way to the ring and starts attacking Moose. Security comes out to separate both men to opposite sides of the ring.

The tripe threat match is now announced as the next match of the night. This match is all three Rascalz members taking on each other to determine who will take on the new Impact Tag Team Champions, The North this Sunday. Whoever loses this match will not be in the match.

Trey vs. Wentz vs. Dezmond Xavier

In the beginning of the match, all three men waste no time attacking one another. Callis thinks that Trey is the most selfish one of the Rascalz, that he is not really rooting for him to be in the match-up on Sunday. Back in the ring, Dez is the only man in the ring and as he is trying to do one of his signature flips, he gets stop be Wentz. Trey then kicks Wentz right in the face causing for all three men to be out for a moment. Back in the ring now, Dez pulled a final flash on Wentz to try and go for the pin, Wentz kicks out at 2. All three men are now back in the ring taking circle punch turns towards each other.

Wentz goes for a double stomp and a shooting star on Dez. Hoping he got Dez officially, Dez kicks out at 2. Trey then goes for two low cutters. He first goes to pin Wentz for a kick out at 2, then over to Dez for a 2 kick-out. Trey goes up to the top rope and misses his opportunity. Dez and Wentz both pin Trey and take the win.

Winners: Wentz and Dez, Trey will not be competing in the tag team match on Sunday.

Rolling up, Blanchard heads to the arena with a baseball bat, which leads into the next commercial break.

Coming back from the commercial break, fans see Killer Kross in the church that Eddie Edwards was in last week. Kross is giving a sermon about Edwards (since the old Edwards is now dead and a new form of himself has emerged) being a lonely man now and that he will pay for his sins on Sunday.

The main event match is about to begin.

Johnny Impact & John E. Bravo vs. Willie Mack and Rich Swann

Swann and Impact start the tag team match up. Impact goes for a few chest hits. Swann reverses with a dropkick to Impact. Swann tags in Mack. Mack gets an arm drag in putting Impact all the way over the opposite side of the ring. Mack tags in Swann and both men go for a double drop on Impact. Swann Irish Whips Impact. Swann now over in the Bravo and Impact corner of the ring gets hit by Impact. Bravo is now tagged into the match. He gets a few kicks in to Swann. After that, Bravo tags in Impact. Impact then goes for a headlock.

Bringing Swann up, Bravo comes in and gets more hits in as Impact is holding both of Swann's arms. Impact now leaves and lets Bravo take over with a headlock. Swann is able to get up on his feet and Bravo quickly tags in Impact. Impact now has Swann in a razors edge maneuver. Swann was able to recover and tagged in Mack. Mack and Impact on the top rope, a neckbreaker comes through. Mack goes for a moonsault and then a pin, Impact kicks out at 2. Bravo and Impact are now working together to take out Mack. It doesn't work too well in their favor. Bravo is now alone getting a stunner from Mack and a phoenix splash from Swann. Swann goes for the cover and him and Mack pick up the win.

Winners: Rich Swann & Willie Mack

After their match, Callihan and Jake Crist are outside having some food and drinks talking about celebrating Callihan's victory early since he knows he'll be winning the match on Sunday. Blanchard comes to end the party, attacking both men. Callihan then begs for her to stop. As she is distracted, Jake then takes hold of both her arms and Callihan goes to attack Blanchard with his baseball bat. Blanchard is able to reverse it, hitting him with her baseball bat instead. This concludes Impact Wrestling for this week.