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Tonight, the theme of Impact Wrestling will be "keep your friends close and your enemies closer," as the Superstars of Impact will be teaming up in the Mash-Up Tournament. Now this isn't like most tournaments. Instead, this tournament stems from the enemies made within the company and how they will coexist together. By random selection, these enemies will come together and learn what strategies will work among them to reach to the top and earn the prize. What's the top prize? The team that wins the overall tournament will compete one-on-one against each other on Friday, August 2, at Unbreakable (available live on Impact Plus) to determine who will be the number one contender for the Impact World Championship.

Tonight, the main event stars of Slammiversary "The Death Machine" Sami Callihan and Tessa Blanchard will be teaming up against Dave Crist and Trey from the Rascalz. After their feud at Slammiversary, it's apparent that their story is not over just yet. Will these two learn to get a long, or will they both ruin their opportunity to possibly compete against each other in two weeks? Another question that could come up is if they do win this match up tonight and continue winning, could Blanchard be the first woman to compete against "The Machine" Brian Cage for the Impact World Championship? We will find out this and so much more later on this evening.

The show begins with Don Callis and Josh Mathews in the ring welcoming fans to the Mash-Up Tournament. Mathews explains what the tournament is and what are the stakes for the team that will win, which is a number one contenders match for the Impact World Championship in two weeks.

Next, a video package is shown of Sami Callihan and Tessa Blanchard discussing the strategy that they'll both need to follow if they want to win this tournament. Callihan says that Blanchard better listen to him. Blanchard says that he needs to stay in his own lane and not call the shots, instead let her call the shots.

The first tournament match is announced.

Moose & Eddie Edwards vs. Rohit Raju & Cody Deaner

Moose and Raju begin the match. Moose puts his hand out and Raju moves past it. Raju goes back to his side of the corner to tag in Deaner. Now Deaner and Moose are in the ring. Moose puts Deaner in a side headlock. Deaner gets out of the hold and goes for a take down on Moose. Moose then tags in his partner Edwards. Edwards hits a belly-to-belly suplex. Deaner tags in Raju after. Running towards the ropes, Deaner from the outside grabs Edwards' leg. Raju is now in control, thanks to his partner. Raju goes in for the tag to Deaner. Edwards tags in Moose and he pulls off a double take down on Deaner and Raju. Now, Edwards and Moose are working together very well trying to clean house. Deaner goes for a powerslam on Edwards. Raju then tags himself in and starts mocking The Deaners by putting on Cody's hat. This causes Deaner to be distracted, which gives Edwards the advantage to pull off the Boston Knee Party and the win for his team.

Winners: Eddie Edwards & Moose by Pinfall

Post Match: The Desi Hit Squad blame The Deaners for the loss and both teams begin to brawl.

Backstage: Jimmy Jacobs speaks to Ace Austin and what could be his potential tag partner for the night about their match later on in the evening and how they are preparing for it. Austin decides to take over the interview and doesn't let his partner get a word in at all.

After the break: Edwards and Moose celebrate their win, saying that this is what they use to do, win!

Second match of the night is announced.

Rich Swann & Madman Fulton vs. Wentz & Jake Crist

Wentz and Fulton begin the match. Wentz gets in a few kicks before Fulton pushes him into the corner and attacks him. Fulton Irish Whips Wentz back into the corner again. With a running start, Fulton isn't able to do what he wanted, as Wentz hits him with a high kick. Wentz tags in Crist right before the commercial break.

Back from break, Swann is firing away at Crist. Crist goes for a sunset flip putting Swann down and in the corner. Crist throws Swann into his corner and also grabs a tag from Wentz. Wentz now has Swann in a submission hold. The crowd is rallying for Swann to break the hold he's in. After breaking the hold, Swann goes for the springboard cutter. He slowly crawls over to tag in Fulton. He isn't fast enough. Wentz goes for the tag from Crist. Fulton runs in without a tag and kicks Wentz off the apron and then goes for Crist in the ring. He waits for Crist to give him the thumbs up command and Fulton goes over and chokeslams Swann not once, but twice. Crist goes for the pin and gets the win.

Winners: Jake Crist & Wentz by Pinfall

Backstage: Austin is in the back asking Madison Rayne if she would like to be his partner tonight, since he isn't having any luck finding someone who wants to partner up with him, including the one that was in the interview with him earlier in the evening.

Coming back from the break, the third match of the night is announced.

Michael Elgin & Willie Mack vs. Ace Austin & Stone Rockwell

Callis is not happy that Rockwell is Austin's partner. As Rockwell is making his way down the ramp Callis can't help but call him a "mental moron." The bell rings and Elgin and Austin begin the match. Elgin throws a chest chop and then tags in Mack. Mack is now in the ring. He is in control with several holds and a hurricanna. Austin gets back up on his feet and goes for a springboard kick. Austin will not tag in Rockwell. Mack then takes control again. He brings Austin over and tags in Elgin. Elgin goes for a back kick. Elgin then has Austin in the crucifix position, but Austin wiggles out. Austin then decides to tag in Rockwell. Rockwell goes for suplex on Elgin and looks out to the crowd for approval. Elgin rises up, picks him up, and throws him into the turnbuckle. Elgin finishes the match up with an Elgin bomb and goes for the pin. 1-2-3 and the match is Mack and his.

Winners: Michael Elgin & Willie Mack by Pinfall

Backstage: oVe hijacks a camera and Callihan cuts a promo about how he just doesn't understand why he has to team up with Blanchard after he already took her out at Slammiversary. He doesn't want Impact Management to ruin the path he has created. He says that him and Blanchard will win this tournament so he can face her one last time and then take home the gold.

Back from the break, Jacobs is interviewing Taya Valkyrie about her match tonight against Ryane and Jessicka Havok. She says that she is going to be the dominate woman in the match and win again because she proved how great she was at Slammiversary. Jacobs then asks what is going on with her husband Johnny IMPACT and John E. Bravo cuts in and says that him and Valkyrie are not married yet, but they are "kind of an item."

Next, the tag match that everyone has been waiting for.

Trey & Dave Crist vs. Sami Callihan & Tessa Blanchard

Before the match starts, Blanchard tells Callihan to calm down. Callihan takes over and goes up against his fellow family member, Dave. Callihan finger pokes Crist and he falls down. Callihan goes for the cover and Trey breaks it up. Trey now becomes the legal man and Blanchard also heads into the ring. Both Trey and Blanchard are frustrated that Callihan and Crist will not fight each other. Blanchard goes for a tilt-a-whirl slam on Crist. Callihan leaves the ring to check on Crist. Trey follows and attacks Callihan. Callihan fights back against Trey. Callihan walks over to Blanchard. She tells him to just listen to her. He walks away, and Trey goes for a back kick. Callihan throws Trey back into the ring. Callihan kicks Trey right in the spine and walks over to Blanchard. He gives her the finger and she does too. No tag was made.

Callihan throws Trey into the ropes. Trey comes back with a strong arm. Trey then goes for a matrix and Callihan follows that with a clothesline. Blanchard tags herself in and Callihan body slams her on top of Trey. Trey goes for short arm reversal. Blanchard heads to her corner and Callihan hits her in the back for the tag. She grabs him and body slams him onto Trey. The crowd goes nuts and starts chanting "Tessa." Trey on the top rope jumps off and Callihan moves out of the way. Trey starts grabbing his knee. Both men tag in their partners. Blanchard goes for a cutter on Crist. Blanchard goes to the top rope and tries to land a magnum, but Crist rolls out of the way. Crist tags in Trey. Both men bring her up and Blanchard throws numerous hits on both Crist and Trey. Blanchard goes for tilt-a-whirl DDT and tags in Callihan. Trey spits on Callihan. Callihan tags in Blanchard and she goes up to the top rope and pulls off the magnum. Callihan tags in and pulls the cactus special on Trey. Trey is knocked out and Callihan & Blanchard take the win.

Winners: Sami Callihan & Tessa Blanchard by Pinfall

Post Match: Blanchard and Callihan are still arguing with one another. Callihan blows her a kiss and leaves the ring.

After the commercial break (backstage): The fighting continues between Blanchard and Callihan.

Next is the Impact Plus Moment of the Week: oVe vs. Eddie Edwards, Moose, and Tommy Dreamer

Back from the Moment of the Week, the Knockouts triple threat match begins.

Jessicka Havok vs. Madison Rayne vs. Taya Valkyrie (w/John E. Bravo)

Back from the break, both Valkyrie and Rayne go after Havok. They both try to take her down and she reverses it, by taking them both down. Valkyrie Irish Whips Havok into the corner and lands a clothesline. After she shows off, Valkyrie goes for the running knees on Havok. Rayne right behind kicks Valkyrie. Valkyrie puts her down on the mat. Havok gets up from the corner and slams Valkyrie's head on the top turnbuckle. Bravo pops up on the apron to distract the referee, as Valkyrie pokes Havok's eyes. Rayne goes for a DDT on Havok. Valkyrie with the ropes of spear on to Rayne. Havok now on her feet. All three women throw forearm hits to one another. Havok then lifts both Rayne and Valkyrie and slams them both onto the mat. Havok goes to attack Valkyrie, but Bravo pulls her out of the ring. Her and Bravo leave the match. Havok then goes for a piledriver on Rayne and wins the match.

Winner: Jessicka Havok by Pinfall

Standing by: Jacobs interviews Elgin about his match tonight with Willie Mack. He says that him and Mack will win the tournament overall and when they both face each other one-on-one in two weeks, he will win and finally beat Brian Cage and become the new Impact World Champion. All four winning teams tonight will now compete for the final match of the night.

The final match of the night is an elimination match between the four winners from tonight's Mash-Up Tournament

Eddie Edwards & Moose vs. Sami Callihan & Tessa Blanchard vs. Wentz & Jake Crist vs. Micheal Elgin & Willie Mack

Moose and Callihan square off in the beginning. Moose tags in Edwards. Edwards throws Callihan into the ropes. Callihan on the apron tells Edwards to bring it, Edwards goes for a kick right to Callihan and knocks him off the apron. Elgin is now in the ring and attacks Edwards. All the teams are now on the ramp attacking one another. Elgin brings Edwards back into the ring. Moose enters the ring and lifts up Edwards to throw him over the ropes to land on the rest of the teams outside of the ring. We go into the final break of the night.

Back from the final break, Elgin goes for a German Suplex on Moose. Edwards comes in for this partner and lands a big boot on Elgin. Mack then climbs into the ring and kicks Edwards. Mack flies out of the ring and takes out everyone. Edwards and Elgin are in the ring. Elgin goes for the Elgin Bomb on Edwards and pins him. Edwards and Moose are now eliminated from the match.

Wentz is now in the ring trying to go for a kick on Elgin. Elgin reverses and throws a chest chop. Wentz tries to go for a flip, but Elgin grabs him in midair. Mack and Crist are now in the ring. Crist tags in Callihan. Callihan pokes Mack's eyes while he is down. Callihan has Mack in a headlock. Mack climbs up and breaks it. Mack then goes for a moonsault and goes for the pin, Callihan kicks out at 2. Now, Blanchard and Elgin are standing off. Callihan pushes her out of the way and Elgin throws a shot at Callihan. Elgin then goes and attacks his own partner Mack. He rolls out and leaves the ring after that. Callihan takes advantage of that and goes for a pin and gets the three count. Willie Mack and Michael Elgin are now eliminated.

Blanchard and Callihan start throwing forearm hits on both Crist and Wentz. Callihan is now staring Crist down. Callihan goes for the finger poke of doom. Crist goes for the small package on Callihan and pins him, Callihan kicks out. Blanchard now the legal member, goes for the magnum and pins Crist. She picks up the win!

Winners: Tessa Blanchard & Sami Callihan by Pinfall

These two will face each other at Unbreakable in two weeks for the number one contender spot to face Brian Cage for the Impact World Championship.

For next week's episode, it will Michael Elgin vs. Brian Cage in a street fight, Rich Swann vs. Jake Crist for the X Division Title, Kiera Hogan vs. Jordynne Grace, and many more.