Jim Ross Critical Of AEW Fyter Fest Pre-Show; Talks Jon Moxley, Alex Marvez On The Broadcast Team

Jim Ross has seen and done a lot in professional wrestling. As AEW presents their third show this weekend, Fight for the Fallen, good Ol' J.R. spoke with Busted Open Radio about the company and Jon Moxley joining the roster.


"It is the biggest get for us I think," Ross opined. "The timeliness of him coming fresh off WWE television, I know he wasn't always happy with his creative, but he spent a lot of time on TV, had eyes on him and he has name recognition. He is young, athletic and passionate. He comes to work with a chip on his shoulder. He is full of energy. He is a big get, his passion and work ethic rubs off on the other guys."

Two-events in and AEW has certainly generated headlines. While many of the reviews of the events have been complimentary, there was some criticism of the Fyter Fest pre-show. Ross is a part of that crowd.

"Honestly, I wasn't crazy about it, I do not think it sold enough of what we were doing on the main show," Ross said. "I didn't think it was what we needed to be doing. Now, I like comedies, when I'm drinking those are my go-to. I think we have to be selling a good sampling of what we do in the main show. If you have a pregame show for a pay-per-view, those matches shouldn't just be filler, they should be something."


Ross is adjusting to many new aspects within his role with AEW. One of those adjustments is working in a three-man booth. Ross is adamantly not a fan of those but feels with work, the AEW announce team could be quite good.

"We have to continue to work hard to get better, we are not nearly as good as we need to be," Ross mused. "But, that's not a surprise, we are brand new. We did a show in Vegas with no net. We are new, we are green in that regard.

"Excalibur is an excellent talent, I like his voice, he has great knowledge and he has passion in his heart. Alex Marvez, I would love to see him in an insider role. I work with two guys that are a lot smarter than me. We got to have reps and we have got to get better. We have got to clarify what the roles are in that three-man unit. I have every confidence in the world that when we go on television in October, we will be prepared to do a good job for the fans."

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