As seen above, John Cena has done away with his "JBL style" haircut that he had for the Project X movie with Jackie Chan.

Speaking to fans in Mandarin, Cena revealed that he's cut his hair for a new, secret movie project that he cannot tell fans about. We know that just last week Cena started filming the Fast & Furious 9 movie, which hits theaters on May 22, 2020 and will not feature The Rock. This is the movie that Cena is referring to in the video above.

"Hello friends! Long time no see," Cena said in the video posted to his profile on the Weibo social media site in China. "Long time no see. A year ago I show a film with Jackie Chan and the director asked me if I could change my hairstyle. So right now you can see it's long and wild. Now I'm filming a new movie and the director asked me if I can change my hairstyle. So now I will *snip* *snip* *snip* my hair. My role in this film is a secret! I can't tell you anything about this role but I can let you see my new look! See ya!"

Cena then re-appeared with a look at his new hairstyle, which is closer to what we've seen him with over the years in WWE.

He continued, "Hello friends! Look at me now. I have a lot less hair now. So I'm all done with my hairstyle change for my new role in my new action movie. I'll probably have another haircut in the future, just a small cut but for now I will look more like WWE John Cena. That look is similar to what I look like now so a lot of WWE fans will be very excited. I'm excited now. My hair is comfortable and not wild and crazy. So now you see me! See ya!"