Kofi Kingston Warns Fans Who Might Want To Eat The New Day's Pancakes

WWE Champion Kofi Kingston recently spoke with The Wrap and talked about wrestling in sneakers.

Kofi said he didn't wrestle or train in sneakers when he was in the Deep South Wrestling WWE developmental territory years ago because it wasn't allowed by then-head coach Bill DeMott. Kofi said DeMott required his students to work in traditional boots, and it cut down on his athleticism.


"It instantly cut my athleticism down by 60%. I couldn't move, it was all clunky, I didn't feel like I had traction or grip on the ground," Kofi said. "Luckily, on the main roster now, I've been kinda able to do what I want to do, no one's said anything to me ? yet."

Kofi also warned fans who might want to snack on the pancakes that The New Day tosses out to the crowd at WWE events.

"You can do with them as you please, but understand that, not only do some of them come out of my championship belt, some of them also come out from Big E's singlet," Kofi said. "So do whatever you want with that information."

"If you want to eat them, that's on you," Kofi added, noting that it's 100% an "eat-at-your-own-risk situation."