Earlier this week, Lacey Evans and WWE Hall of Famer Alundra Blayze got into quite a back-and-forth on Twitter after Evans tweeted out "Legends = Yesterday's nasties."

Blayze fired back on Twitter, "You'll be lucky to be considered a legend...you failed in the military. You live in a portable trailer, drag your kid and husband around. Your hubby looked at me...gave me a complement and said, 'Honey, maybe you could be more like Alundra...your yesterday regurgitated garbage."

Evans didn't appreciate Blayze bringing her family into the conversation, writing back:

"Shootin' the real shots? I musta got under your wrinkly skin. Bless her heart. I'm typing this 8 years honorably discharged from serving our country while in said trailer, over looking lots of land, and $$ in the bank. As far as my family goes hubby gets it every night & baby is happy."

Earlier today, Blayze asked fans what legend vs. current talent match they'd like to see at SummerSlam, and drew another response from Evans.

"I volunteer to rip you out of your retirement home and make you choke on your words. Legend or not..you're disrespectful, swollen headed nasty that has it coming. Talk about my family again...I'll lose this career gladly waving goodbye with your blood on my hands. #Shoot"

Blayze later responded:

"And then we have this...disgruntled Youngin' wanting to continue to ride on the coattails of a Hall of Famer. #LetsFight P.S. how is that wonderful family of yours."