Lacey Evans' "Velvet Sky Entrance" At WWE Extreme Rules, Baron Corbin's End Of Days To Becky Lynch

There's been a lot of talk coming out of WWE Extreme Rules about two moments that point to WWE making more attempts at providing an edgier product.

These two moments happened during the Winners Take All Extreme Rules main event, which saw Seth Rollins and RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch defeat Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans. The first came when the WWE cameras zoomed-in on Evans' rear end as she made her entrance through the ropes. Fans on social media were commenting on how Evans got the "Velvet Sky treatment" for her entrance.


The other notable moment came when Corbin hit Lynch with End of Days towards the end of the match. This set up the closing angle that saw Rollins run wild on Corbin for payback. WWE typically has a rule of no man-on-woman action, but the Extreme Rules theme of the pay-per-view allowed for the spot with Corbin and Lynch.

You can see GIFs of both moments below: