Throughout Mark Henry’s wrestling career, he has soared through the competition, especially during his time in the WWE. During his interview on Sportskeeda’s Perched On The Top Rope podcast, he discusses knowing prominent wrestlers like Owen Hart. Henry discussed being a young man at the time when he first met Hart, and how he was one of the most entertaining people he has ever met.

“It was great knowing Owen,” Henry said. “He was one of the funniest, more entertaining human beings that I ever met in my life. I really appreciate the fact that I was blessed to be able to ride in the car and get the kind of lessons you need as a youngster.”

Speaking of lessons he learned, Henry would go through quite the transformation character wise, starting off as one member of The Nation, to being The World’s Strongest Man, and who couldn’t forget, Sexual Chocolate. Though he was a fan of the gimmicks, there seemed to be some people who were upset with how fast his character developed.

“Naw, I was a fan, so I loved it unconditionally. When I first started, there was a lot of people that were jealous of the fact that what I made, and me being somebody coming into the sport. I hadn’t really paid any dues, but I never really wanted to quit; I just wanted them to go away,” Henry stated.

Henry put his World’s Strongest Man character to good use, when he went up against Randy Orton for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Night of Champions 2011. When Henry took the win and the title, it seemed that not only was his victory rewarding, but also how he was treated by the members of the locker room afterward.

“It was very validating and fulfilling,” Henry said. “The level of respect in the locker room and with the company raised because when you’re able to be champion, you’re on every show. You’re a draw. You’re a guy that leads the locker room. You’re the guy that has to make sure everything is working properly. I relished that moment. I was just waiting for it.”