Michael Elgin made his Impact debut at Rebellion by attacking Brian Cage seconds after he became the new Impact World Champion. But that wasn’t the first time that Elgin and Cage had hooked up as the two were former tag champions with PWG.

Elgin discussed his prior history with Cage and immediately being inserted into Impact’s main event picture when he spoke to Wrestling Inc. on our WINCLY podcast.

“It wasn’t personal,” Elgin said of his attack on Cage. “It wasn’t because it was Brian. It was all about the World Championship. If Johnny Impact had left Rebellion as champion, then he would have been laid out.

“Being the world champion means something and means you’re the best wrestler in that company. That’s what I wanna prove. I wanna prove that you can put me at the head of a company and I’m gonna lead us into the future.”

Cage suffered a serious back injury during his match with Johnny Impact and then took a powerbomb afterwards from Elgin. Now that he knows about Cage’s injuries, Elgin was asked if he regretted powerbombing Cage.

“Yes and no,” replied Elgin. “Yes, because as wrestlers we are all brothers. We’re all family and you never wanna see somebody get hurt. But at the same token, the only person looking out for me is me. And I had to look out for me.”

Elgin then discussed his history with Cage and what led to them becoming the Unbreakable F’n Machines while in PWG.

“We gravitated towards each other because we’re two guys who loved working out and loved the same style of wrestling. We shared many of the same ideas in and out of wrestling. We would go out to eat together and lift together. It was truly a friendship,” admitted Elgin.

“It’s not personal when it comes down to now. It just has to do with the world championship. Maybe one time we will be friends again. But as long as he’s champion, then I want the championship.”

With the success they had as a team in the past, Elgin was asked if he would ever consider tagging with Cage to go after the Impact Tag Titles.

“Absolutely. As I said, this wasn’t personal for me. It was about the world championship?If he doesn’t take it personal after Slammiversay, I have no problem teaming with him. But that’s on him,” stated Elgin.

Michael Elgin will face Brian Cage for the Impact Wrestling Championship this Sunday, July 7th at Impact’s Slammiversary XVII, Michael Elgin. Wrestling Inc’s full interview with Michael Elgin was included in a recent episode of our WINCLY podcast. It can be heard via the embedded audio player at the bottom of this post. In it Elgin discusses his upcoming Impact World Heavyweight Championship match against Brian Cage, why he signed with Impact Wrestling, his history with Brian Cage, walking right into Impact’s main event picture, Jon Moxley as NJPW’s “new toy”, Impact as a destination for women’s wrestling and more.

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