MLW Fusion Recap (7/13): Ladder Match For The Tag Titles, Warner Wages War With Promciones Dorado

Welcome to Wrestling INC's recap of Major League Wrestling's weekly episodic Fusion. Today's show takes place from Cicero Stadium in Chicago, Illinois. Feel free sound off thoughts in the comments. Enjoy the show!


Show opens with a video package highlighting the feud between Dynasty and the Hart Foundation. Footage includes MJF and Richard Holliday's attack on Teddy Hart, as well as Dynasty's challenge to the Hart Foundation for the tag team titles. Davey Boy Smith Jr. would accept ,but only under the stipulation that the bout be a ladder match. This will be tonight's main event!

Fusion song intro.

Rich Bocchini and Jim Cornette welcome us to another edition of MLW Fusion. Ace Austin makes his way out for the opening contest. He'll be facing Air Wolf in a rematch from last month. Highlights of the first bout are shown, where Air Wolf picked up the victory.

Ace Austin versus Air Wolf

Tie-up. Austin forces Wolf into the corner but Wolf shoves him off. Pace picks up...Wolf slows Austin down with a headlock takedown. Both men show off their mat wrestling. Wolf connects with a dropkick. Sequence of quick pins. Austin with a backslide...Wolf counters it into a tiger bomb attempt...Austin has it scouted and pulls away. They reset. Leg-sweep from Austin. Wolf comes back with a rope-walking arm-drag. Crowd digging this in the early going. Wolf lands a big chop to Austin in the corner, followed by a PK for a nearfall. Austin sends Wolf to the outside, then hits a superkick from the apron. Commentary puts over how a victory could put either man in line for a future title shot at Teddy Hart.


Austin catches Wolf in a back suplex onto the guardrail. Austin picks up his cane and goes to attack Wolf but the referee warns he'd be disqualified. Fight moves back inside the ring. Austin uses the ropes to choke Wolf. Wolf goes for a top rope frankensteiner...Austin pushes him off. He goes for a suplex...Wolf reverses with one of his own sending Austin back to ringside. Wolf in pursuit...back inside Wolf connects with a rope assisted Pele kick. Wolf climbs...Austin uses the cane but the referee was distracted by a playing card thrown by Austin! Running blockbuster. It's over!

Ace Austin wins by pinfall

Recap of last week's main event, when Jacob Fatu defeated Tom Lawlor to become the new MLW Heavyweight champion. Cut to Salina de la Renta having a conversation with Ricky Martinez. He wants another shot at Low Ki. Her phone rings...she thinks it's Jimmy Havoc, but it turns out to be Mance Warner. He says that he's laid Havoc out, and stolen LA Park's Golden Ticket for an automatic title match. He also says that he's coming for her. Salina yells at Martinez to get her the Parks.

Highlights of the Fatu versus Lawlor match is played. Fatu would pick up the win after connecting with his top rope moonsault.


Ariel Dominguez is out for our next matchup. He'll be facing...Low Ki. Footage of Low Ki's last three victories, which all came by referee stoppage due to a knockout.

Ariel Dominguez versus Low Ki

Dominguez tries for a test of strength...both men feeling each other out...Low Ki lands a huge head kick! Dominguez is out! Referee calls for the bell!

Low Ki wins by referee stoppage

Video of Dynasty from earlier in the week. Alexander Hammerstone tells Richard Holliday and MJF to take their suits off and get a tan in the sun. They then talk about how they're going to retrieve the tag belts in their upcoming ladder match and be the highest ranking team in MLW. MJF snaps. "I'M NOT AFRAID OF HEIGHTS MAN!" MJF apologizes to Holliday and Hammerstone for snapping and quickly changes the subject. He convinces Holliday that he should be the one who grabs the belts because he deserves it. Holliday agrees, but reminds MJF that statistically that he may have to climb himself.

Back to Salina de la Renta. Ricky Martinez face-times her and says that he found the ticket. Martinez then attacks a box that he believes Warner is hiding in. Warner comes from behind and beats Martinez down. Warner picks up the phone and says that one more man is down. This all plays out on Salina's phone.


Back in the arena, the belts are being hung. Ladder match is next.

Preview for MLW's first ever pay per view Saturday Night SuperFight, coming this November from Chicago.

Clip of Warner taking out Martinez from the last segment is replayed. Meanwhile, Salina runs into Konnan backstage. He says that Salina has to deal with the consequences of angering Warner. He also reveals that Dr. Wagner Jr. and his son will be appearing in MLW. Salina curses Konnan in Spanish and leaves.

Main event time. Dynasty (Richard Holliday and MJF) are out first, accompanied by Aria Blake. At the moment, Alexander Hammerstone is nowhere to be found. The tag champs are out next (Teddy Hart and Brian Pillman Jr.) holding steel chairs. Here we go. Commentary reminds us that the Hart Foundation is defending the gold free-bird style, as the belts were originally won by Teddy Hart and Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Somewhere outside, LA Park and El Hijo de la Park are looking for Warner, along with Salina. Warner comes out of nowhere and locks LA Park outside a gate, then proceeds to beat Hijo Park down with a chain in his hand. LA Park screams at Warner through the gate. Warner stares him down, then chases Salina off.

Back to the we go.


Dynasy versus Hart Foundation in a ladder match for the MLW tag team championship

Holliday and MJF try to flee but Hart and Pillman yank them in and start working them over. Fight quickly spills to the outside. Pillman lays into MJF with big chops, while Hart lays into Holliday with a steel chair. Suplex from Hart and Holliday hits the arena floor hard. Back in the ring...Pillman charges MJF in the corner...MJF with a throat chop. He climbs Pillman for a ten-punch. Pillman fires right back with a springboard lariat. On the outside, Holliday sends Hart into the ringpost, then jumps in and catches Pillman with a spinning powerslam. Hart sneaks in from behind...powerbomb lungblower, which really pops the crowd and incites a "Teddy" chant.

Dynasty runs to the entrance way and grabs a ladder. As they try to slide it into the ring the Hart Foundation take them out with tandem baseball slides. Pillman flings himself onto Dynasty. Hart to the apron...springboard asai moonsault. Hart sets up a ladder in the center of the ring and climbs. MJF pushes the ladder and Hart nails the top ring rope. MJF goes to climb but he hesitates due to his fear of heights. Pillman runs in but MJF hits a forearm. MJF yells at Blake on the outside to climb...she obliges. Pillman back up...Blake jumps to hit Pillman but he moves and lands on MJF! Hart Foundation sets the ladder up in the turnbuckles. They whip MJF into it. Hart picks MJF up...lungblower. Pillman goes to MJF's feet...slingshot under the ladder. Holliday comes out of nowhere with the other ladder and takes out the Hart Foundation. Holliday suplexes Hart onto the ladder. All four men are down.


Dynasty in control. They whip Pillman into the ladder, then double-suplex Hart onto the other ladder. Holliday tells MJF to climb...MJF slaps him and tells him to climb. Hart pulls Holliday off...torture rack neckbreaker. MJF has no choice...he goes to climb again...Pillman superkicks his leg. He picks MJF up...DVD. Pillman throws the ladder from the ring. Dynasty charges him...he lowers the ropes and they both tumble to the outside. Coming back in...Hart stacks Dynasty up for a ring-rope piledriver. Hart uses the ropes to land a springboard elbow drop. Beautiful Canadian Destroyer by Hart onto MJF. Meanwhile, Pillman has built a table out of a door and a couple of chairs. Hart climbs...inverted phoenix splash! Crowd going wild but Hart is hurt.

Pillman climbs...Hammerstone runs in! He nails Pillman with a buckle-bomb. Hammerstone pulls a table from under the ring. He goes to suplex Pillman...Davey Boy Smith runs in and powerslams Hammerstone through it! Holliday and Pillman are both at the top of the ladder...Blake goes to grab Pillman but he shoves her off. Holliday uses the opening to hit Pillman with a steel chair. Holliday is all alone.

Dynasty retrieves the belts and are the new MLW Tag Team champions


Dynasty celebrates. Hammerstone puts MJF up on his shoulders. Crowd reigns down boos.

That's the show friends.