MLW Fusion Recap (7/20): Hammerstone Collides With Davey Boy, Los Parks Take On Los Wagners

Welcome to Wrestling INC's recap of Major League Wrestling's weekly episodic Fusion. Today's show takes place from Cicero Stadium in Chicago, Illinois. Feel free sound off thoughts in the comments. Enjoy the show!


Show opens with Salina de la Renta performing a ritual. She calls out Mance Warner for testing her patience. Highlights of Warner's assaults on members of Promociones Dorado are played. Salina says she has something special planned for Warner, and explains that she's summoned for the devil Bestia. She writes out 666 on a white blanket in blood, then drinks blood from a goblet.

Fusion intro song.

Rich Bocchini and Jim Cornette welcome us to another edition of MLW Fusion. They recap last week's main event, when Dynasty defeated the Hart Foundation to become the new MLW tag team champions. They hype the evening's card, which includes Davey Boy Smith Jr. battling Alexander Hammerstone for the National Openweight title. Also tonight, Los Parks (LA Park and El Hijo de la Park) will face Doctor Wagner Jr. and El Hijo de Doctor Wagner in tag team action.


Alexander Hammerstone is out first, accompanied by fellow Dynasty members MJF, Richard Holliday, and Aria Blake. An interview from earlier in the day with Dynasty is played during his entrance. Holliday says that Hammerstone sells tickets before taking a shot at the Hart family. Hammerstone threatens Davey Boy, and says that he'll knock him out so hard that it'll finally look like Davey Boy has life in his eyes.

Back to the arena, Holliday has a microphone and starts a promo. "Shut the f**k up chants" echo throughout. He insults the crowd before handing the microphone to MJF. MJF says he's getting a scent of poor people from the audience. "Speaking of poor people, let's talk about the Hart Foundation." Hammerstone jumps in..."The jokes are over. Tonight...Davey Boy...I'm going to break you in half." This brings out Davey Boy, who waves a Canadian flag. Cornette tells us that Brian Pillman Jr. and Teddy Hart are not in the building, so Davey Boy will have to go it alone.

Alexander Hammerstone versus Davey Boy Smith Jr. for the National Openweight championship

Smith and Hammerstone meet in the center for an intense staredown. Tie-up. Hammerstone forces Smith to the ropes forcing the ref to break the grapple. Second tie-up. Smith with a headlock takedown. Hammerstone locks in a headscissor but Smith escapes with ease and they staredown again. Hammerstone calls for a knuckle-lock, then kicks Smith in the gut. Hammerstone off the ropes...shoulder bump connects but Smith barely moves. Smith attempts one...Hammerstone surprises him with a running uppercut. He goes to dump Smith...Smith skins the cat and lands a forearm and big boot in succession. Hammerstone rolls to the outside to regroup...Smith in pursuit...he punts Hammerstone's arm and goes to chase Aria Blake. Hammerstone takes advantage of the distraction and back suplexes Smith onto the steel guardrail. Fight spills back inside the ring. Hammerstone climbs to the top...missile dropkick lands. Ground and pound with cover...Smith kicks out at two.


Hammerstone plays to the crowd. He applies a chinlock, then switches to a cravat. Smith back to his feet...he hits a few elbows but Hammerstone shows off his athleticism with a flush dropkick. Hammerstone picks Smith up...he uses Smith's running powerslam maneuver. Cover...Smith is out at one...he's pissed. He baits Hammerstone to hit him...back and forth striking...Smith wins the exchange...he nearly wins with a powerbomb and jacknife cover. Smith climbs to the top now...Hammerstone meets him up there...clubbing blows to Smith's back...superplex by Hammerstone. He calls for his finisher...Smith blocks it and transitions into a crossface...Hammerstone in trouble...he crawls and gets his foot on the ropes thanks to an assistance from MJF. With the ref's back turned, Holliday chokes Smith on the ropes. German suplex by Hammerstone...Smith fires back with one of his own...another by Hammerstone...Smith with one but this time he holds on...German. Big kick and back suplex for a nearfall. Smith climbs...diving headbutt connects! MJF distracts Smith on the apron by spittin on the Canadian flag. Smith brings him in and smashes all members of the Dynasty with the flag. Ref calls for the bell.


Alexander Hammerstone wins by disqualification to retain the National Openweight championship

Smith may have lost, but he celebrates with the flag in the center of the ring. Huge pop. Dynasty leaves wounded.

Preview of Doctor Wagner Jr. and his son from AAA and CMLL. They'll be competing later tonight. Separate vignette of the Von Erichs, who call out Contra Unit for the chaos they've caused. They challenge Contra Unit. "Anytime...anywhere. Contra says they're fighting for a cause. We're fighting for MLW."

Next week, the former champion Tom Lawlor will address his title loss to Jacob Fatu on next week's Fusion. Flashback to last week, when Mance Warner assaulted Ricky Martinez and El Hijo de la Park.

Konnan cuts a promo from earlier in the day. He tells Salina that he better watch the way she treats him, because her days of running the show in MLW are over.

Video by Contra Unit is played. They say that the MLW heavyweight title has been hijacked and now they have all the power. They demand contracts, otherwise they'll never see the big belt again. Josef Samael accepts the Von Erichs challenge. "You want a war...we'll take you to war." A tag match is scheduled for next week.

Promo from Mance Warner. He holds up a white board that says kill, and that's what he'll be doing to Promociones Dorado. "Headhunting is what Ole Mancer gonna be doing baby." He rubs a bucket of blood over himself to show he means business.


Los Parks (LA Park and Hijo de la Park) make their way to the ring, accompanied by Salina de la Renta. They'll be battling Los Wagners (Dr. Wagner Jr. and El Hijo de Dr. Wagner Jr.)

Los Parks versus Los Wagners

Park and Wagner begin. Wagner nails him with a running knee. Hijo Park and Hijo Wagner run in...Hijo Wagner sends him to the outside. Stereo suicide dives by the Wagners. Early cover on Hijo Park...two count. Flapjack/enziguri combo from the Wagners. They light up Park in the corner with chops and an assisted cannonball. Basement dropkick from Wagner connects. He catches Park in a Samoan drop...Hijo Wagner follows up with a frog-splash for a nearfall. The Parks finally with some offense of their own. Park puts Wagner up on the ropes for Hijo Park to hit a Spanish-fly. Park catches Hijo Park in a big scoop slam. Superkick from Hijo Park. Code Red by the Parks onto Wagner with pin...only two. The parks send the Wagners to the outside and nail them with suicide dives. Everyone is down at ringside.

Back in the ring...Park and Wagner have a face-off. Park yanks Wagner's mask off. Commentary reminds us that Wagner lost his mask in 2017 at TripleMania. Bulldog by Wagner. Park comes right back with a decapitating headbutt. Wagner slows him down with a pop up DDT. Hijo Park knocks Wagner to the outside, then spits on Hijo Wagner. The sons have a staredown now. Back and forth striking...Hijo Wagner with Murphy's Law for two. Hijo Park catches Hijo Wagner with a spinning heel kick coming out of the corner. Hijo Park traps Hijo Wagner in the ropes...superkick...leg superkick...codebreaker. Pace picks up...Hijo Wagner and Hijo Park take each other out. Wagner and Park back in. Dragon screw takes Park off his feet. Big powerslam. Wagner climbs...Park crotch drops him and ties him up in the tree of woe. After repeated stomps..Park climbs but dives right into the waiting boots of Wagner.


Wagner sends Park to the outside and takes him out with a running cannonball from the apron. Hijo Park and Hijo Wagner are now the legal men. Hijo Park with a code red for a nearfall. Enziguri from Hijo Park on the apron...Hijo Wagner surprises him with a dropkick. He climbs the ropes and grabs Hijo Park...superplex. Park and Wagner back on their feet and enter the ring. Tilt-a-whirl slam and backbreaker from Wagner onto the Parks. Suicide dives from all men involved. Commentary is screaming at all men to stop diving! Back in the ring...Park nails Hijo Wagner with his spear to pick up the victory.

Los Parks win by pinfall

The Parks celebrate along with Salina de la Renta. Commentary hypes next week's show, including Bestia 666's debut.

That's the show friends.