Welcome to Wrestling INC’s recap of Major League Wrestling’s weekly episodic Fusion. Today’s show takes place from Cicero Stadium in Chicago, Illinois. Feel free sound off thoughts in the comments. Enjoy the show!

Show opens with Salina de la Renta entering the ring for a promo. She says that Mance Warner has been running around with “idiots luck.” She thanks Warner for getting rid of Sami Callihan, but warns him that she’s summoned Bestia 666 to rid Warner from the MLW. Bestia 666 then makes his way out. Ring announcer tells us that this is a Mexican death match. Warner is out second drinking a beer.

Bestia 666 versus Mance Warner Mexican Death Match

Bestia nails Warner with a suicide dive before he can get in the ring. They brawl on the entrance path. Warner grabs a chair from the timekeepers area and whips it at Besita’s face. After hitting multiple headbutts, Warner goes for an Irish Whip but Bestia reverses and Warner goes into the guardrail. Bestia pulls a kendo-stick from under the ring and lays into Warner. Warner manages to get his hands on the stick to dish some offense of his own. Warner goes for a chop…Besita ducks and Warner smashes the post. Both men end up on the apron…they trade shots…Warner fakes a haymaker, then drops Bestia with a DDT on the apron. Warner pulls out a piece of wood and a couple chairs. He pulls a box of thumb tacs from his pocket and pours them all over the chair. Bestia blocks a maneuver…he sends Warner into the tacs face first! They stick out of Warner’s forehead.

Back in the ring, Bestia places a trash can over Warner and nails him with a steel chair. Superkick from Bestia with the trash can still on. Warner is revealed to be busted open. Bestia sets up the wood in a corner…Irish Whip…Warner counters…Warner spears Bestia through the wood for a nearfall. This is awesome chants ring through the arena. Back and forth striking…Warner wins the exchange with a pop-up headbutt. He picks up a piece of the broken wood and smashes it over Bestia’s head. Cover…two count. Warner calls for the running knee…he hits it! Another two count. While Warner plays to the crowd, Salina hands Bestia a bag…it’s powder! He throws it in Warner’s eyes and picks him up…muscle buster through a chair. It’s over!

Bestia 666 wins by pinfall

Salina and Bestia celebrate while Warner lays unconscious. Commentary reminds us that Warner is now forced to give back LA Park’s golden ticket, which guarantees a heavyweight title shot at any moment.

Fusion song intro.

Jim Cornette and Rich Bocchini hype the evening’s main event: The Von Erichs versus Contra Unit’s Simon Goth and Josef Samael. Also on the card, Low Ki battles Ricky Martinez in a rematch.

Video of Alexander Hammerstone and Georgia Smith, Davey Boy Smith Jr.’s sister, making out in an elevator is shown. The footage was shot by backstage interviewer Kaci Lennox. Cut to an interview with Hammerstone, where Lennox asks if they’re dating. Richard Holliday answers, saying that Lennox should stop reporting fake news, and that the real story is the fact that Dynasty are the MLW tag team champions.

Promo from Contra. Josef Samael says that the last time they were in Chicago the crowd threw garbage at them, but tonight they’ll take out all that anger and violence on the Von Erichs. “We don’t believe in nothing,” growls Samael.

Ricky Martinez makes his way out, accompanied by Salina de la Renta. He’ll be facing the former champion, Low Ki, in a rematch from a couple weeks ago. Konnan is on commentary for this match. He and Salina share a stare displaying their hatred for one another. Konnan tells Cornette and Bocchini that he has a secret about Salina that he’ll reveal soon. The Professional is out second.

Low Ki versus Ricky Martinez

Martinez throws a jacket and dropkicks Low Ki in the knee to start. Big stiff forearms drops Low Ki to his knees. Martinez traps Low Ki in the corner, kicks his leg in the ropes and connects with an elbow. Low Ki fires out of the corner with palm strikes. Martinez to the second rope for an axe handle…Low Ki surprises him with a rolling kick. He goes to pick Martinez up…Martinez yanks Low Ki into the turnbuckles. Back to the second rope…codebreaker for a nearfall. Martinez and Salina scream at each other…the distraction allows Low Ki to apply a reverse dragon sleeper…Martinez passes out. That’s it.

Low Ki wins due to referee stoppage

Post match Low Ki and Salina have an intimate conversation. It looks as if Low Ki will join back with Promociones Dorado, but instead he gives her the cold shoulder and walks away. Salina is furious. She leaves before Martinez can even be revived.

Vignette promo from the Von Erichs. They say they’re coming for Contra.

Kotto Brazil has joined forces with Myron Reed and Jordan Oliver, complaining that MLW officiating is biased, and is sick of them. They all seek justice.

Tom Lawlor speaks. He says that he’s been in a living hell since losing the MLW heavyweight title to Jacob Fatu. He claims that Fatu stole the title from him, something that he’s worked for 20 years to attain. He promises that in New York, he and Fatu will go to war, and he’ll take his belt back. “I want to get my hands on you. I want to taste your blood.” He then challenges the entire Contra Unit to a War Chamber match in Dallas.

Interview with Davey Boy Smith Jr. Kaci Lennox shows Smith the footage of Hammerstone and his sister making out in an elevator. Smith is livid.

Main event time. Contra Unit, Josef Samael and Simon Gotch, are out first. Ross and Marshall Von Erich are second. Here we go.

Contra versus the Von Erichs Unsanctioned

The Von Erichs dive into the ring and nail Samael and Gotch with top rope axe handled. Samael and Marshall go at it while Gotch and Ross face off. Snapmare and PK from Gotch. Dragon screw from Gotch. Marshall lays into Samael’s chest on the outside with chops and right hands. Gotch helps Samael, then turns his attention back to Ross. Neither team has an advantage as the momentum keeps swinging back and forth. Cravat submission applied by Gotch. He breaks it and drives an elbow into Ross’ head. Double team by Contra on Marshall. They stomp him down to the mat…Samael with a foot choke. The Von Erichs manage a burst of adrenaline…Samael slows them down and drops Ross with a rude awakening. He whips him to the outside so Contra can double-up on Marshall again. Marshall fights them both off on his own…tornado punch! Stereo dropkicks to Gotch.

Von Erich’s whip Contra into each other in the corner. Lariat from Marshall, followed by a PK from Ross onto Gotch. Marshall climbs…moonsault connects. Cover…Samael breaks up the pin. Gotch grabs a chair on the outside…Ross kicks it into his face! Samael tries to throw a fireball at Marshall but Ross blocks it with the chair! He smashes Samael over the head. Cover…it’s over.

The Von Erichs win by pinfall

As soon as the match ends Contra attacks the Von Erichs. Both teams continue to brawl. A slew of referees, and even a riot squad enter to separate everyone. Commentary tells us that MLW paid for this extra security due to the war they wagered last time. After a final scuffle, Contra finally leaves, while Ross and Marshall stand tall in the ring. Backstage, Jacob Fatu joins Contra and they jump the Von Erichs when they come backstage. Tom Lawlor comes out of nowhere..everyone brawls.

That’s the show friends.