Welcome to the beginning of the 2019 NJPW G1 Climax 29! Tonight will begin one of the most anticipated and prosperous tournaments in professional wrestling. For tonight’s show, history will be made, as this is the first time the G1 has taken place on American soil. The event takes place at the American Airlines Center in Dallas. This event is available for viewers to watch on AXS TV at 6 PM EST, for non-US territories it will be broadcasted on NJPWWorld.com, after the live broadcast, it will be available on the website by video on demand for US viewers.

Five A Block matches will begin the tournament, as well as four tag team matches from fan favorites such as Jushin Thunder Liger, Juice Robinson, BUSHI, Tetsuya Naito, Jay White, and many more. Let us know your thoughts about tonight’s event by chiming in at the comments section below. Additionally, share our live coverage through your social media to let your friends/family know about this exciting event. Make sure to click the REFRESH button to continue to get the most current up to date coverage. Our live coverage will begin at 6 PM EST!

Kevin Kelly begins by welcoming fans to the G1 Climax. He announces that it will be him and Rocky Romero on commentary for tonight. Kelly then announces the first match for the night.

Sho & Yoh vs. GoD ( Tanga Loa & Tama Tonga) with a 20 Minute Limit

A wild start begins the match, as both Loa and Tonga go in to attack Sho and Yoh right away before the bell rings. Tonga was thrown out of the ring by both Sho and Yoh. Both Loa and Tonga are in the ring with a hard throw to Yoh. As of now, GoD is in control with a head hit to Yoh. A vertical suplex by Sho was reversed. A spear then came to Sho and an uppercut. Tonga is in the corner trying to recuperate after several hits from Sho. Sho goes for a bridge pin, and a 2 kick out happens. A superkick is nailed by Sho. A back cracker was made by Sho. A gun stun was made by Sho and Yoh, which looked like it could’ve ended the match, but it didn’t. Instead GoD came in with a super power bomb, taking the win.

Winners: Tanga Loa & Tama Tonga (GoD) (6:43 for the match time)

Up next, more tag action!

Shota Umino & Tomohiro Ishii vs. Ren Narita & Jeff Cobb with a 20 Minute Time Limit

A roar from the crowd begins the match with “Ishii” chants. Ishii and Cobb begin the match. Cobb absorbs the shoulder attack, causing Ishii to look shocked. Another shoulder attack comes from Ishii to Cobb, which makes the audience quite happy to see that he finally went down. Both Ishii and Cobb tag in their partners, and now Umino and Narita are going at it. Narita puts down Umino quickly. A reversal from Umino puts Narita down at the moment. Both men are back up, and Umino tags in Ishii. Ishii lands some chest chops on Narita. Narita reverses with a few elbow attacks. Narita makes another reversal suplexing Ishii, Cobb is then tagged in by Narita. Cobb vertical suplexes “The Stone Pitbull.” Cobb goes for a pin, for Ishii to kick out at 2.

Back and forth hits between Ishii and Cobb begin after the kick out. Ishii tags in Umino for him to put down both Cobb and Narita in the corner. Umino tries to lift up Cobb, but cannot. Now with some leverage, Umino is able to left Cobb up, once he is down Umino goes for a pin and Cobb kick outs at 2. Ishii is now in the ring but isn’t in there for long. Cobb goes for a belly-to-belly suplex on Umino and then a tour of the islands, to pick up the win!

Winners: Jeff Cobb & Ren Narita

Post Match: Cobb and Ishii continue back and forth elbow shots. Both men cannot keep away from each other. The Young Lions push them to opposite corners of the ring.

After the commercial break, fans will get to see another great tag team match.

YOSHI-HASHI & Hirooki Goto vs. Chase Owens & Jay White with a 20 Minute Time Limit

The bell rings, and Goto and White begin the match. White is not even in the ring 5 seconds and tags in Owens to take care of things. Goto and Owens are about to lock up, and White comes in with a sneak attack to Goto. Goto gets up and puts White in the corner and throws a few punches. Owens comes in to help White, and Goto hits him too. HASHI comes in with a few chest slaps to Owens, now that things have settled in the meantime and all four men are not in the ring. HASHI goes for a pin and Owens kicks out a 1. With HASI up in the ropes, White then grabs his hair. Outside of the ring, White throws HASHI down spine first on the apron. White pushes HASHI back into the ring and Owens goes for the cover. HASHI kicks out at 2, determined to stay in the match. HASHI fires back with another chest chop. White is tagged in and HASHI is able to put him down to get a tag in from Goto. Goto comes in to give White a hip toss. Goto Irish Whips White into the corner and throws him down on the mat. Owens comes in to help White (no tag) and Goto is not having it. He throws Owens out of the ring. Goto moves out of the way as White comes at him, Goto then goes for a suplex and it is successful.

A huge knee comes from Owens and then a jewel heist, only for Goto to kick out. White is attacking HASHI outside of the ring. Owens is trying to go for a piledriver, but doesn’t get it. Spinning wheel kick comes from Goto. Goto goes for some chest kicks and then the GTR and gets the 1-2-3- pin.

Winners: Hirooki Goto & YOSHI- HASHI

Up next a six-man tag team match!

Jyushin Thunder Liger, Juice Robinson, and Toru Yano vs. BUSHI, Shingo Takagi, and Tetsuya Naito (With a 20 Minute Time Limit)

Liger and BUSHI start the match. Both start with a lockup with Liger pushing BUSHI into the ropes with a clean break. BUSHI goes straight to the eyes on Liger. Liger then gets BUSHI with a Romero special. The teammates of BUSHI do not like this and come into the ring to protect him. Robinson and Yano take care of the other team, but not for long. BUSHI tries to go for Liger’s mask. Naito is tagged in and puts Liger into a sleeper hold. Naito also is trying to go for the mask.

Liger tags in Robinson and attacks all the opposing tag team members. Takagi takes control of Robinson for a moment, but then both men exchange back and forth hits to one another. Robinson lifts Takagi for the Juice Box, but it doesn’t work out in his favor. Robinson pumps up the crowd for some Juice punches. As he is about to give him the left hand to God, Takagi hits him. Robinson then goes for a tag to Yano and Takagi does the same with Naito. Naito spits on Yano several times. Naito and Yano trade hair pulls then a neck breaker from Naito. BUSHI comes in to help Naito. Robinson gets thrown into the barricade as well as Liger. Yano did a quick roll up and got the pin for his team. After a different camera angle recap, it looks like a low blow helped Yano get the win.

Winners: Toru Yano, Juice Robinson, and Jyushin Thunder Liger

After the break, the A-Block will officially begin!

Back from break, a big announcement is made that NJPW will be coming to back to the United States to the East Coast in late September for Fighting Spirit Unleashed.

Now the attention is turned to the entrances of the first two A-Block competitors.

Will Ospreay vs. Lance Archer with a 30 Minute Time Limit

Archer charged Ospreay before the match begins and Ospreay comes back with a Spanish Fly. Now that the bell has run, Ospreay goes for several kicks to Archer in the corner of the ring. Archer gets up and both men have a stare down before the first hit is thrown by Archer. Ospreay goes for drop kick, pushing Archer out of the ring. With both men out of the ring, Archer chokeslams Ospreay into a table.

Now with both men back in the ring, Archer went for a shoulder tackle, putting Ospreay down. A close up shows that Ospreay is now bleeding from the nose. Archer gets up on the top rope while Ospreay is holding him while he is able to walk across the rope and dropped down hitting Ospreay. Archer goes for three corner attacks. He takes a moment to look out into the audience while the crowd roars several boos.

Ospreay goes for an aerial attack and is successful. Ospreay goes for a 6-1-9. He pins Archer only for a 2 kick out. Ospreay is now furious and was about to try the storm breaker, but Archer broke it up. A high kick from Ospreay puts Archer down. Archer shoulder tackled Ospreay all the way across the opposite side of the ring. An apron bomb from Archer to Ospreay as both men are now outside of the ring.

Code red comes from Ospreay, reversing another attack from Archer. Both men were so close to a double countout but they were able to get back into the ring and Ospreay puts in a shooting star press. A Robinson Special then an Oscutter is next, and when he thought he had the pin, Archer kicked out at 2. Archer now has Ospreay in the muscle buster, slamming him to the mat. As he pins him, Ospreay kicks out at 2. Archer then goes for blackout, and goes for a pin. Ospreay kicks out at 2. A claw to the head now from Archer to Ospreay and he is able to go to the ropes for a rope break. When the referee tells Archer to break it up, Archer comes back with some foul words towards the ref. Both men are now on the top rope with a Spanish Fly, and Archer falls to the mat, hard. Ospreay goes for a storm breaker, a reversal comes from Archer, then a spinning hook kick. Ospreay and Archer are now on the top rope and he jumps him on the second rope to knee Ospreay on the third rope.

Archer goes for the iron claw and that is what concludes the match (18:27) for him to get the win against Ospreay.

Winner: Lance Archer (+2 points)

Post Match: Archer attacks one of the Young Lions after the match and then climbs the top rope celebrating his first win in the tournament.

The second A-Block match of the night begins after the break.

EVIL vs. Bad Luck Fale with a 30 Minute Time Limit

Both men are out of the ring climbing up the ramp attacking one another. EVIL goes far enough back to get a running start on Fale. EVIL tries to lift up Fale but is unsuccessful. Fale lifts up EVIL instead and throws him on top of barricade. Fale goes for a stomach punch, he grabs EVIL by the hair and throws him into the ring pole. The referee is counting and Fale makes it in by the 16 count. EVIL then rolls in quickly at the 18 count. Fale goes for several back hits to EVIL.

Trapped in the corner of the ring, Fale goes for several hits to EVIL’s chin area. With EVIL falling from the hits, Fale goes for the pin and EVIL kicks out at 2. EVIL now gets back his momentum and gets a body slam. EVIL then sends Fale over the top rope onto the outside. Fale kicks EVIL after getting some chairs from underneath the ring. EVIL puts a chair around Fale’s neck and slams him into the ring pole. Not too long after, both men roll back into the ring.

Fale goes for a splash and pins EVIL, only for EVIL to kick out at 2. Fale leaves the ring and brings in several chairs. The referee takes away one of the chairs, and as he does, Fale brings in another chair only for EVIL to big kick the chair into him. Fale goes for a grenade and succeeds, but only gets a 2 count pin from EVIL. With the referee out after a kick mistake from EVIL, he brings in one of the chairs to attack Fale, but it’s too late as Fale low blows EVIL. Fale puts a chair around EVIL’s neck and gets another chair to put in a hit. Fale goes for the bad luck fall, which gets him the win (11:33).

Winner: Bad Luck Fale (+2 points)

Third A-Block match begins after the match!

SANADA vs. Zack Sabre Jr. with a 30 Minute Time Limit

Both Sabre and SANADA goe for a lock up, Sabre has him in a lock up officially and then goes for a take down on SANADA. SANADA reverses another lock up from Sabre but it does not last long. Both men are able to get out of the back and forth submissions and the crowd claps. Both men are on opposite corners taking a breather. Sabre takes hold of SANADA’s left arm, SANADA goes to the corner for a rope break and gets it. Both men do several roll up pins with only 1 counts. SANADA steps outside of the ring to take a water break.

SANADA comes back in by the 14 count. SANADA brings up his right hand to begin a lock up again with Sabre, as both men lock up with both hands, Sabre kicks the lock up. SANADA is now in a cross arm submission. He is back up on his feet and reverses the same hold to Sabre. Sabre gets up and now its the test of strength between both men. SANADA has Sabre back into a strangle hold, but it does not last long.

SANADA goes for a second rope dive, but Sabre moves out of the way, way ahead of time before SANADA is able to attempt it. Sabre is now outside of the ring taking his break. Sabre jokes with the crowd by going into the ring at the 19 count, he then gives the finger to the audience. Sabre now has SANADA in a helicopter armbar, and SANADA is able to make it to the bottom rope for a break. SANADA is now on the mat with his elbow up, and Sabre jumps on his elbow. Sabre again has SANADA’s arm in a lock, he reverses it to go for the paradise lock. SANADA locks Sabre in the lock and makes a running start to hit Sabre while he is locked up on the bottom rope.

In the corner now, SANADA goes for another arm lock and pushes Sabre out of the corner. Sabre locks in the octopus lock. Both men are now on the mat with an octopus arm bar. SANADA is able to go for a rope break. Sabre now goes for several arm kicks to SANADA. Sabre goes for a low twisting DDT. After, SANADA is able to get out of another submission from Sabre.

SANADA goes for a TKO, and Sabre kicks out at 2. Next is a moonsault press from SANADA, Sabre is able to move out of the way, SANADA lands on his feet. Sabre puts SANADA down with one of his signature moves. SANADA goes for another moonsault press, and Sabre traps him into a triangle hold. SANADA is slowly fading, but then is able to get to his feet and push Sabre off. SANADA does a moonsault in the skull end. As Sabre goes for another submission, SANADA is able to reverse it to a bridge pin, getting the three count and a win!

Winner: SANADA (+ 2 points)

Post Match: Sabre attacks the referee and tries to put him into a hold after his loss.

Up next, A-Block match number four!

Kota Ibushi vs. KENTA with a 30 Minute Time Limit

The bell rings and the fans roar out the chant of “New Japan.” Both men goe for a lock up. KENTA pushes Ibushi into the ropes but walks away politely not hitting Ibushi. Next lock up, KENTA strikes an upper kick to Ibushi. Now both men are doing several kick strikes on one another, now its on who can strike the fastest. Both are on the mat, and KENTA attempts to put Ibushi into an arm lock. Ibushi pulls out and goes for a face slap. Ibushi is now kicking KENTA while he is down. Both men are now on their feet, and KENTA is backed into the corner. KENTA gets in two big kicks to Ibushi’s abdomen and then a kick to the back of the head.

Fans are split down the middle as half of them chant “lets go KENTA,” and the other half respond back with “Ibushi.” KENTA kicks Ibushi right in the chest, and Ibushi is laid out on the mat. KENTA now goes for the knee to the back of Ibushi’s head. A bare bone knee strike follows right after. KENTA continues with the leg strikes. Ibushi is now up, but this time there are back and forth punches exchanged to their faces. KENTA now has Ibushi in a headlock and once hes out, Ibushi proceeds with a dropkick. Ibushi from behind, tries to pick up KENTA, it is reversed.

KENTA now has Ibushi up by his hair. Ibushi threw a hit back. KENTA is now sitting on the top rope and Ibushi now climbs up on the top rope putting in several elbow hits to the back of KENTA’s back, which causes for KENTA to fall off the top rope. Ibushi jumps out of the ring to land on KENTA, only for KENTA to throw up a knee. Now a double stomp from the apron from KENTA, as Ibushi was hanging on the barricade. KENTA is now back in the ring and Ibushi rolls in at the 12 count. KENTA goes for a stalling drop kick on Ibushi then a double stomp again. KENTA climbs on top of Ibushi for the pin and Ibushi kicks out at 2. KENTA picks up Ibushi and he reversed it with a huge clothesline.

Ibushi now has KENTA in the crucifix position, but KENTA kicks out at 2. Double clotheslines exchanged by both opponents and they are both down on the mat. KENTA and Ibushi exchange hits. Now they are both on their feet. They continue to exchange hits and a few leg kicks are in the mix too. KENTA goes for another pin and Ibushi kicks out at 2. Two kicks right to the head happen back-to-back from KENTA to Ibushi. KENTA pulls the GTS (go to sleep) and picks up the two points!

Winner: KENTA ( +2 points)

Post Match: KENTA helps Ibushi up to his feet and claps for his performance in the match up tonight. Both men hug each other and several Young Lions help take Ibushi to the back.

After the break, the fifth A-Block and final match of the night:

Kazuchika Okada vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi

Fans are on their feet for this match, going wild for what is about to happen! Both begin with a hand lock up push out of it. Now an official lockup begins. Okada has the strength advantage as he pushes Tanahashi up on the ropes. Okada silences the crowd for what seems to be a chest slap. He does not proceed with it, instead he is about to give Tanahashi a break, but Tanahashi goes for a slap to Okada. Tanahashi goes for the full body slam on Okada. Reverse Irish Whip from Tanahashi to Okada. Okada then dropkicks Tanahashi, putting him on the outside of the ring. Both men are out of the ring and Okada goes for a DDT right on the mat on the outside.

Tanahashi gets back into the ring by the 15 count. Okada now has Tanahashi on the mat. Red shoes began mocking Okada. Okada waits for Tanahashi to get back up and tackles him into the corner. A dragon screw leg whip comes from Okada. Now Okada has Tanahashi in a face lock. The fans are clapping for Tanahashi to break the submission. Okada brings him up, but still has him in the lock. Tanahashi now goes for the dragon screw leg whip on Okada. Tanahashi goes for the dropkick on Okada. He climbs up onto the top rope and goes for a flipping swanton and lands it. Tanahashi goes for the second dragon screw on Okada. Then goes for a flapjack.

Tanahashi goes for a dropkick to Okada’s knee after a face attack. A back breaker comes from Okada onto Tanahashi. Okada is on fire now with a full body slam and an elbow drop to follow after. As Okada hyped up the crowd for his Rainmaker, Tanahashi was not having it, and was able to distract him from doing it. Another inverted dragon screw from Tanahashi. He then climbs up to the top rope and jumps off to land on Okada, who is outside of the ring.

Tanahashi grabs Okada and they both roll back into the ring before the countout. Okada goes for shotgun dropkick and Tanahashi goes for the sling blade. A reversal follows with Okada putting Tanahashi in the tombstone maneuver. Tanahashi climbs up on the top rope with a high fly flow, both men are down on the mat. Okada is now trying for another tombstone once both men are back on their feet. Tanahashi reverses it and goes for the tombstone himself, but Okada is able to reverse it into a backslide and then to his signature move, the Rainmaker. The announcer calls for the 20 minute time point and Okada goes for another Rainmaker. Tanahashi goes for the small package and then a dragon suplex. Tanahashi goes for a bridge pin and Okada kicks out at 2. Tanahashi tries to stay alive and defend himself from a third Rainmaker, even though Okada has a strong hold on his wrist. It wouldn’t last long, as Okada was able to keep hold and do his third and final Rainmaker of the night. Okada goes for the pin and 1-2-3, he is walking out of Dallas tonight with two points.

Winner: Kazuchika Okada (+2 points)

Okada says first win! The translator apologizes to the audience for saying it in Japanese instead of in English. Okada then asks the crowd how was the G1 Climax. Everyone in the audience hoots and hollers. Okada says that the next time he comes back to the United States (this fall) he is going to be the official winner of the G1 Climax.

Tonight’s A-Block Winners for the first round are:

Lance Archer

Bad Luck Fale



Kazuchika Okada

Each men currently have 2 points.

Night 2 will be next Saturday (July 13), with the B-Block first round matches. It will be:

Hirooki Goto v. Jay White

Tomohiro Ishii v. Jeff Cobb

Tetsuya Naito v. Toru Nano

Jon Moxley v. Taichi

Juice Robinson v. Shingo Takagi

In addition, several A-Block competitors will be in action in tag team match ups, that will be:

Kazuchika Okada and YOSHI-HASHI v. Minoru Suzuki and Zack Sabre Jr.

Hiroshi Tanahashi, Shota Umino and Ren Narita v. Karl Fredericks, Clark Connors and KENTA

Lance Archer and Yoshinobu Kanemaru v. Chase Owens and Bad Luck Fale

Kota Ibushi, Will Ospreay and Yuya Uemura v. BUSHI, EVIL and SANADA

Thank you for joining our live coverage tonight!