New WWE NXT Breakout Promos From "Swerve" & Cameron Grimes, "Swerve" On Having Pride & Confidence

As noted, the first round of the WWE NXT Breakout Tournament will continue on tonight's episode with Isaiah "Swerve" Scott (Shane Strickland) vs. Cameron Grimes (Trevor Lee). Above and below are new backstage promos from the up & coming Superstars.


"First of all, I'm not here to live up to any expectations, OK? I'm here to break out. I'm here to become a star and tonight, first round against Isaiah Scott, that's the first step in becoming that star that Cameron Grimes is," Grimes, a former Impact X Division Champion, told Dennis Arnell when asked what we can expect to see tonight.

Scott was also asked what fans can expect to see from him tonight. He responded, "The NXT Universe should expect an all out battle between me and Cameron Grimes. He's a very aggressive Superstar and I'm a survivor. Swerve has survived way more battles, more fights than Cameron Grimes. I'm ready for Cameron, but is he ready for Swerve? I don't believe he is."

Scott was also asked about the attitude he has during his entrance and how he brings the "swerve" to it, and about the "Pride Pose" he does in the corner. Arnell asked is the pose shows how Scott feels about himself.


"Swerve's a big believer in having pride in his workplace, having pride in his opponent and having pride in himself. If I don't have pride in myself, can I really call myself a NXT Superstar? Really? Every time I stand up on that corner and I do my pose, I show the entire NXT Universe that I am confident in my abilities, I have pride in my work, I have pride in who I am, and I don't ever intend to forget that. Swerve is confidence and I have pride in everything I do," Scott said.