Los Ingobernables de Japon member Shingo Takagi recently talked to NJPW about the G1 Climax tournament, LIJ’s leader Naito, knowing Jon Moxley from his Dragon Gate USA time, and his past with KENTA.

Below are highlights from the interview:

Who Takagi has his eye on in the G1 Tournament:

“Naito, obviously. I knew coming into the G1 that I would probably have to face one of my peers, but I really felt I wanted to face the guy that brought me to New Japan, Naito.”

Facing Naito on August 4 in Osaka and knowing each other since their teens:

“We were teens back then. We both were there because we wanted to be pro wrestlers. I think from day one there was this feeling that we couldn’t lose out to one another.”

Knowing Jon Moxley during his days with Dragon Gate USA:

“We were actually in the same group together there, I drove to venues with him. Well, this was a long time ago. 2009, 2010? He drove this really beaten up car, a mess inside and out. It made me think ‘man life is tough for an American indie wrestler’.”

What Moxley said to him during his days with Dragon Gate USA:

“He said to me ‘I’d like to go to Japan’. But I never thought that it’d be with New Japan, in the G1, and we’d be having a match against one another.”

Who he was first interested in when coming to NJPW:

“When I first came to New Japan, I was asked ‘what wrestlers are you interested in?’ and my head instantly went to Ibushi. You can’t help but be interested in Ibushi. Nobody has any idea what goes on in his head (laughs).”

Feelings about KENTA getting able to be in the G1 Tournament:

“I paid my dues, went through the steps. I don’t think KENTA should just be able to say ‘see you at the G1′”

KENTA coming back to NJPW bringing back memories:

“Maybe he doesn’t remember, but I can’t forget. Right before I lost consciousness I was thinking ‘I’m gonna get you for this!’ To tell you the truth, I think NJPW has the best wrestling in the world. I don’t watch WWE, don’t watch American pro wrestling, and honestly, don’t know or care about what he did or didn’t do in the States. Just because you make a name for yourself in America doesn’t mean you can cut it here.”

Shingo Takagi also discussed in the interview about his match against Ishii on August 8 in Yokohama. To read the whole interview please click here.