New RAW Executive Director Paul Heyman and SmackDown Executive Director Eric Bischoff will be responsible for new WWE merchandise ideas for their brands, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. They are also responsible for media publicity.

The Observer noted that the jobs Heyman and Bischoff are now doing are different from what previous head writers David Kapoor, Ed Koskey or “Road Dogg” BG James have done. They will report directly to Vince McMahon, and are accountable for their brand’s entire interaction with the rest of the departments in the company.

Regarding WWE creative, Heyman will be steering the red brand creative process and the creative pitches to Vince. Koskey will reportedly remain as the lead red brand writer, but Heyman will be pushing the actual directions. Vince still has to sign off on everything Koskey and Heyman do.

With that said, Heyman and Bischoff are positioned higher than anyone else has been in regards to running the two brands. They are now considered major executives in the company, and are responsible for brand management of RAW and SmackDown, respectively.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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