Randy Orton Seems Unhappy Being Left Off WWE RAW Reunion, Has Exchange With Will Ospreay

WWE's "Apex Predator" Randy Orton took to Twitter to exchange some words with New Japan Pro Wrestling star, Will Ospreay. Among the messages, Orton mentioned that he will be left off of the RAW Reunion show that airs tonight. He accompanied the post with a hashtag of "wtf".


"Execute the plan that makes you smile every single minute of every single day," Ospreay tweeted out first.

"Good luck with that s–t," Orton replied. He followed that up with writing, "Realistically speaking there's nothing that you could 'plan' that makes you 'smile every single minute of every single day'. But WWE IS all about putting smiles on faces. ??#ospreayvsorton 06/2020"

Ospreay would respond with, "Realistically nah maybe you got me there ?? I'm happy tho. Hope you are happy where you are. But unfortunately my friend I'm here for the long run. I mean you're like a multi time champ, could you just leave for a bit come here for #OspreayVsOrton then go back...just saying ??"

"Sounds like $ to me. I'll ask Tuesday at #SmackdownLive since I'm not on the #RAWReunion #raw #wwe #wtf," Orton replied.


You can see the full exchange below:

This isn't the first time that Ospreay and a WWE star have exchanged honest words with one another over social media. As was well-documented into this month, Ospreay and former WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins got into a heated exchanging of words on Twitter about the respective companies they represent and their contributions to said companies.


The feud would eventually come to a conclusion when Rollins wrote out, "After a few days to sit on it, I'd like to apologize to @WillOspreay for the tweet I sent his way about comparing bank accounts. It was dumb of me & not in line with my values. The moment I pressed the send button I knew it was trash, but I'm too stubborn for my own good. I stand firm in my sentiments that @WWE is the best pro wrestling on the planet and that I'm the best of the best doing it right now. After a helluva week of travel, our crew didn't waver for a second. Top level humans busting their asses for the love of the game. I couldn't be more proud to be a champion with this company and represent @WWE and the entire industry in the way it deserves. No more garbage tweets. I can and will be better."

Ospreay responded by writing, "Apology accepted. Just buy me a Nando's ;) ?? Honestly nothing but respect for you sir, just a bit of banter in my mind. I've followed your career since you were Tyler Black, I know it's not all the money & it's about the love. Keep flying your flag & having fun."

Ospreay also insulted WWE's Baron Corbin when Corbin used his Twitter account to join into the conversation. Corbin wrote, "More important fact Baron Corbin has wrestled more matches in 2019 THAN Will Ospreay. Another fact I don't actually know who you are I just wanted to be apart of the convo."


Ospreay response read, "No wonder Raw sucks."

As for Randy Orton, he appeared on both of WWE's premier shows last week, first competing in a 10-man battle royale on RAW and then participating in a six-man tag team match on SmackDown where he teamed with Elias and Samoa Joe to defeat The New Day. These were Orton's first matches back since his match against Triple H at Super ShowDown on June 7th, 2019.