Legendary WWE Hall of Famer “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair was a guest on our own WINCLY Podcast this week, and during the interview, Flair took some time to praise his daughter’s boyfriend, Andrade, for what he brings to WWE.

“I think [Andrade] is fantastic. He is unique in how he can be a heavyweight but he can also work with Rey Mysterio,” Flair explained. “He is a phenomenal athlete, and not only that, he’s a very nice person, #1, and a very classy guy. I’ve talked to Michael Hayes, I’ve talked to Hunter – they get how good he is.

“He’s working hard at it, so, he’s a phenomenal tool for Eric (Bischoff) to have on the SmackDown crew. I think in terms of in-ring work, he’s one of the top two, or three, or four guys in the company. Because when I factor that, I take size into consideration. There’s nothing Rey can’t do that Andrade can’t do, and Andrade is 220 lbs.”

Another talent that Flair respects for his ability to work as a heavyweight despite his trim, athletic build is, Seth Rollins. Ric recognizes the abundance of talent that WWE has on their hands right now, noting how difficult it must be to manage everyone.

“As great as Seth Rollins is, his strength is so deceptive. I mean, I look at Seth Rollins do the stuff where he rolls through with these guys, like Cena that weighs 255 lbs., and I go, ‘Jesus!’ I mean, Seth Rollins can really work; make no mistake [about that],” Flair said. “I’m not talking about working, I’m saying that only the company can put you in those spots. Seth Rollins is a phenomenal worker… They’ve got so much talent, it’s crazy. It’s easy to sit back and say, ‘This could happen, that could happen’, but we don’t know the inner-workings of what’s going on that day. But I do know this for sure, it’s a great time in the industry to be a young wrestler. The door is open and wrestling is going to be a very hot topic over the next couple of years.”

Flair believes there is a golden opportunity in putting together Charlotte Flair and Stephanie McMahon, whether it be combined as a unit or as opponents.

“[I’ll] say it loud and clear: ‘The Queen’ [Charlotte Flair] is the greatest professional wrestler of all time,” Flair stated. “Should I give you a booking hint? Put her and Stephanie McMahon together, and watch what happens. I would like to see Stephanie endorse her… or, against her.”

Flair also pointed out that his list of trustworthy friends in the wrestling business has recently seen an adjustment.

“The three people I confide in in the business are Kevin Nash, Chris Jericho, and [Stone Cold] Steve Austin,” Flair revealed. “If they say, ‘It’s okay, ‘Naitch’, I’m with it. I’ve cut down the list of people who’s approval I need. I’ve learned more from Kevin Nash in the last couple months than I ever thought.”

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