WWE Hall of Famer "Road Dogg" Brian James is currently teaching character development in his new full-time role with WWE, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

James is working at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando. The Observer also reported that all of the WWE developmental talents that were assigned to classes being taught by indie wrestling veteran Mike Quackenbush last week, were later re-assigned by James' classes.

Regarding the new role, James appeared on the recent WWE Performance Center 2019 Combine special on the WWE Network and talked about how he was never really much of a wrestler, and was nowhere near the caliber of athlete that's in the WWE system, but he got by on his verbal skills and by getting over a few trademark spots in his matches. He said this is what he wants to teach the new WWE talents.

In more news from the WWE Performance Center, Coach Norman Smiley is currently out of action, according to the Observer. Smiley recently underwent surgery, but there's no word yet on what he's out with.