Tonight's match between Jeff Cobb and Mark Haskins is hyped.

Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana check in on commentary after the usual ROH signature video package. Jay Briscoe and PCO make their entrances. 

PCO vs. Jay Briscoe

They lock up. PCO pushes Briscoe. They lock up again. Briscoe locks in a headlock on PCO. PCO sends Briscoe to the ropes. Briscoe goes for a shoulder block, PCO no sells it. Briscoe uppercuts PCO. PCO strikes Briscoe. Briscoe connects with a boot to PCO. Briscoe eventually sets PCO on a chair at ringside. Briscoe hits a running cross-body on PCO at ringside through the chair. Briscoe rolls PCO back into the ring.

Briscoe brings the chair into the ring. The referee has words with Briscoe. Briscoe throws the chair down. PCO and Briscoe exchange strikes. Briscoe uppercuts PCO several times. Briscoe hits the ropes. PCO powerbombs Briscoe. PCO hits a scoop slam on Briscoe. PCO ascends the turnbuckles as Briscoe goes to the apron and grabs the chair. Briscoe strikes PCO with the chair to send him off the turnbuckle and cause a Disqualification.

Winner Via Disqualification: PCO

Mark Briscoe comes down to the ring as Jay bullies the referee to make him exit. Jay drives the chair into the chest of PCO. Mark gets a table and slides it into the ring. The Briscoes set the table up in the ring. Jay sets PCO on the table as Mark ascends the turnbuckles. Mark hits his Froggy-Bow finisher from off the turnbuckle on PCO to send him through the table. PCO gets up. The Briscoes strike and kick PCO. PCO hits a double clothesline on The Briscoes as we head into a commercial break.

Tonight's match between Mark Haskins and Jeff Cobb is hyped.

Coast To Coast's Shaheem Ali & LSG make their entrance. Bully Ray comes out with a microphone in hand. Ray tells the ring announcer to get out of the ring, he can introduce himself. Ray says that his partner is an upgrade from what he's used to. ROH Television Champion Shane Taylor makes his entrance.

Shane Taylor & Bully Ray vs. Coast To Coast (Shaheem Ali & LSG)

Ali and Taylor stand-off. Ray tells a child to sit down Ray teases throwing a garbage can at the child. Ray tells the fan to come down to ringside. Ray shouts at the child before returning to the ring apron. Ali and Taylor lock up. Ali locks in a headlock on Taylor. Taylor sends Ali to the ropes. Ali attempts a shoulder block, Taylor no sells it. Ali slaps and strikes Taylor before connecting with a back elbow.

Later in the match, LSG ducks a clothesline attempt by Taylor. LSG hits Taylor with a back elbow. Taylor goes for a Back Suplex, LSG flips out of it. LSG goes for three clotheslined, Taylor remains on his feet in the corner. Taylor dumps LSG over the top rope to the ring apron. LSG hits an Ensiguri on Taylor. LSG ascends the turnbuckles. LSG hits a blockbuster from off the top rope on Taylor. LSG hits a cross-body from off the top turnbuckle on Taylor. LSG pins Taylor for a two count. Ali is tagged back in. Ray runs towards everyone.

Ali & LSG move out of the way, causing Ray to collide with Taylor. Ray receives side kicks from Ali & LSG, which sends him out of the ring. LSG and Ali both hit Frog Splashes on Taylor. Ali pins Taylor for a two count. LSG hits a cross-body to the outside on Ray. LSG goes to the top turnbuckle, Ray pushes him off to ringside. Ali takes Ray down. Taylor hits his Greeting From 216 finisher on Ali. Taylor pins Ali for the win.

Winners: Shane Taylor & Bully Ray

Highlights are shown from a recent match between Tracy Williams and Rush.

Mark Haskins and Jeff Cobb make their entrances. 

Mark Haskins vs. Jeff Cobb

Cobb and Haskins shake hands. Cobb takes Haskins to the mat with a waist-lock. Haskins briefly locks in a waist-lock on Cobb. Haskins takes Cobb to the mat and locks in an ankle lock, Cobb gets to the ropes. Haskins eventually goes to the top turnbuckle. Cobb strikes Haskins. Haskins slaps the arm of Cobb. Cobb head-butts Haskins. Cobb dropkicks Haskins. Cobb goes for a Superplex. Haskins counters and goes for a Kimura Lock.

Cobb blocks it. Haskins head-butts Cobb to send him off the turnbuckle. Haskins hits an Ensiguri on Cobb. Haskins goes for a Double Stomp from off the top rope, Cobb rolls out of the way. Haskins runs toward Cobb, Cobb catches him. Cobb hits his Tour Of The Islands finisher on Haskins. Cobb pins Haskins for the win.

Winner: Jeff Cobb

They hype next week's show as this one comes to a close.