Above is new video of Roman Reigns speaking with TMZ Sports to promote the "Hobbs and Shaw" movie that hits theaters this Friday, starring cousin The Rock.

Reigns talked about how lucky he is to be involved with such a major movie for his big screen debut.

"Where do I go from here, you know what I mean? That's the crazy thing, for this to be my first time ever, I'm spoiled," Reigns said of the opportunity. "To be a part of the Fast & Furious franchise, to be a part of the first spin-off of the franchise with Hobbs & Shaw, just to be teamed up with my cousin and just be able to see him in his element, doing his thing. Very blessed. That's what's really neat about sports entertainment, professional wrestling, is it really gives you a nice introductory to performing arts and an entertainment, to be able to learn how to take on anything."

Despite the big opportunity in Hollywood, Reigns said he's still focused on his WWE career.

"I'm still in love with the ring, I'm still holding it down for RAW and SmackDown. It's really neat to have many opportunities, but I still love doing my physical thing in the ring," he said.

Regarding his in-ring future, The Big Dog said he still has at least 5 more years of working the full-time schedule for WWE. He was asked which route he would go if he had to choose - Hollywood or WWE.

"Well, I mean, I just gotta go based off my health and how I feel," Reigns said. "I'm still a young man, I'm 34, I still have a few more years in me, of just being, I think at the prime of my athletic career, so if I can handle it in the ring, I'm willing to do it. I think I can hold this schedule for at least 5 more years of being full-time, but eventually it's gonna have to be time to rest my body."