As seen in the video above, the former WCW World Heavyweight Champion Scott Steiner recently spoke with Noelle Foley of Ringside Collectibles at San Diego Comic Con. Steiner wasn't shy about voicing his opinion on the WWE's Hall of Fame ceremony that they hold each year. He believes that legitimacy would be added to the Hall of Fame if there was an actual, physical building to represent it.

"Well, I don't deal in fantasy; I don't deal in hypotheticals," Steiner explained. "Like, where's the Hall of Fame at? It's f--king nowhere! It's in Vince's mind. So it's all bulls--t, ya know? F--k that."

Despite his opinion on the matter, Steiner revealed who he would hand-pick to induct him into the Hall of Fame. He chose someone very close to him that he's held tag team titles with all around the world.

"[If it were to happen, the person I would want to induct me would] probably be my brother," Steiner said.

Scott also mentioned how he refuses to accept any of the "WWE Legends" contracts that many stars of the past have already agreed to. He believes that Vince McMahon can offer much more than he's willing to give his contracted performers.

"No, I already got offered it and my lawyer looked at it. It wasn't worth the paper it was written on. That's the biggest crock of s--t that there is, like most of WWE's stuff is. It's great to make a lot of money if you're Vince but at some time you've got to stop being a prick - spread the wealth. There's nothing wrong with having a 401k plan or insurance for people."

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