Seth Rollins recently spoke with TV Insider and talked about why he's been standing up for WWE in recent interviewss and social media posts. Rollins recently reached a breaking point when it comes to social media trolls.

"I have always been proud to work for the company. I just think it got to where it became cool to criticize WWE because we are so big and popular," Rollins said. "It just sucks that this is the society we live in now where it's much easier to point out all the things you think is bad as opposed to pointing out all the awesome stuff that is going on in the world.

"It just felt to me nobody was standing up for WWE when we have a lot to be proud of. If taking on a leadership role is what you want to call it, it's certainly something where I stepped forward and put my foot down...The fact I had people from different departments shoot me texts to let me know they had my back because they felt I had their back. That was cool and validating. I felt really good I was representing many people who felt the way I felt."

Rollins also noted that the biggest misconception he finds about WWE is the idea that everyone isn't putting in their best efforts, and that everyone is just phoning it in. Rollins said that is far from the truth.

"We try to put out the best show possible every single time. And I'm not just talking about Monday Night Raw or PPVs. I'm talking about every live event. I'm talking about every department," Rollins said. "So, if you see a t-shirt that comes out that you don't love, nobody is trying to put out a crappy t-shirt. Every department, everybody who is trying to do their jobs. Everybody that writes stories and gets in the ring, even if it's two minutes to have a match. Everyone gives one thousand percent effort all the time. The expectations are just so high every single time WWE does anything that I guess there is disappointment at times because expectations are through the roof.

"Fact is everyone loves what they're doing and wants to be the best. That's where all the negativity I think stems from. The fact everybody wants to be so good at it and the product to be as great as it possibly can be that it's easy to point fingers and say, 'Well, I can do better.' Or say things like, 'They're not trying hard enough.' Until you put yourself in a talent's shoes or anyone's shoes in any department. You can't throw stones. You just don't understand the type of work that goes into it. Just having that negative viewpoint sets a bad precedent and a tone for everybody."

Regarding his real-life relationship with RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch and their recent storyline together, Rollins admitted it wasn't easy to bring the two together.

"You never know how it's going to be, but what's the alternative? I have another match with Baron Corbin, and she has another match with Lacey [Evans]," Rollins explained. "What's the alternative for what we are going to do for those months in the summer. It was a cool opportunity to capitalize on something that was happening in real life, and people were excited about. When I posted that photo of her and I, announcing to the world we were together, that was easily the most liked by a landslide Instagram post.

"The content was getting so much traffic on WWE, so it just made sense to bring it to the screen. One thing we didn't anticipate was you have 'The Man' character Becky portrays. It's so much different than her real life persona and how she is. Trying to mix in a bit of romance in that seemed a little weird to people at first. You're putting yourself out there and your relationship out there for everybody to judge. That's not easy. It's hard enough when you're by yourself for critique your art. It's a whole different deal when it's your real-life relationship where people can say what they want about it. People can be pretty harsh sometimes."