In the first episode of The Road to All Out, Shawn Spears speaks with Jim Ross about his actions at AEW Fyter Fest. After Cody went to a 20-minute draw against Darby Allin, Spears clocked Cody in the head with a chair. Ross began by saying he appreciated Spears asking to speak with him and felt Spears was a top guy in the business, despite being underutilized for the past few years.

Spears appreciates the mutual respect between the two, and asks Ross how long he’s been in the business for. Ross says around 40 years. Spears then says that Ross has probably met tens of thousands of people, but how many are in his inner circle? Spears says he has five and Cody was one of them. Spears says there are certain things that you don’t say to people, that also applies to wrestling when it comes to certain terms that you don’t use. He continues that Cody has changed in his new EVP role, and that “you don’t call someone a good hand.” He thought maybe Cody just forgot, so Spears reminded him by wrapping a chair around his head at Fyter Fest.

Ross asks about Spears’ time in OVW with Cody. Spears noted he taught Cody how to wrestle. He calls Cody a leech and references others who Cody has been with that end up disappearing afterwards (Bob Holly, Ted Dibiase Jr., and Damien Sandow).

Ross says it’s obvious the two are going to fight, so when’s it going to be? Spears says they both know when it’s going to be: All Out. He has no doubt Cody will accept because he’s a Rhodes, it’s what they do.

Spears says he has an ace up his sleeve though, and says wars aren’t won with the biggest weapons or strongest soldiers, it who had the greatest minds. As he says that Tully Blanchard walks in and whispers something to Spears. Blanchard then tells Ross the interview is over.

Below are the rest of the highlights from this episode.

* Clips are shown from all the matches at AEW Fight for the Fallen in Jacksonville, Florida.

* Tony Schiavone is in the AEW Control Center and talks about Kip Sabian losing to Adam Page, Chris Jericho’s post-match attack, and Page getting some revenge on Jericho later on in the night.

* Adam Page (with a black eye and a stitched up cut above his eye) says when he looked in the mirror, he smiled, and thanked Jericho for what happened at Fight for the Fallen. Page says Jericho finally made him feel alive, and he doesn’t want that cut to heal, he wants to rip the stitches out so the blood continues to run all the way until All Out. It’s a reminder to him that the only thing between him and the title is some blood and guts. Page says there’s not a damn thing he won’t do to make sure when he looks in the mirror on September 1, he’ll see a champion.

Jay Jefferson contributed to this article.