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* Johnny Gargano and NXT Champion Adam Cole come brawling from the back. Gargano gets a superkick and locks on the GargaNo Escape until Cole taps. Gargano leaves holding up 3 fingers

* NXT Breakout Tournament Semifinal: Jordan Myles defeated Angel Garza. Garza is over as a star already. Garza rips Myles off the apron with a scary bump. Garza tears the pants off to a huge reaction. Stiff match. Myles fights back with kicks. Myles goes for a springboard but Garza dropkicks him out of the air for 2. Myles hits the Hero's Grip for the win. Shane Thorne stormed out to commentary as the match ended as well

* NXT North American Champion The Velveteen Dream comes out for a promo. Velveteen says the day he steps down as champion is the day the experience dies and he'll go straight to hell. Dream says Roderick Strong sold his soul to Satan himself to beat him in the six man tag. He says Roddy isn't big enough to ride this ride and challenges anyone else to step up. Roddy interrupts. Says he can see it in his eyes and challenges him to a match at Takeover: Toronto. Pete Dunne interrupts to a giant reaction. Dunne lays out Strong and stares down Dream

* Io Shirai vs. Kacy Catanzaro ends in a disqualification. Io runs wild and has Kacy up for a Fairytale Ending when Candice LeRae runs out for the DQ. Candice brawls with Io and sends her running away

* Damian Priest defeated Keith Lee. Athletic big man stuff to start ending with the usual stand off after reversing moves. Priest takes control after kicking Lee's knee on a charge in the corner. Priest with a rope walk into a crossbody. Lee starts firing up and gets a huge clothesline for 2. Priest hits a big suplex on Lee for a near fall. Lee with a huge pounce. Priest rolls out of the ring. Lee rolls him back in but Priest hits a knee and knocks Lee outside. Priest with a big flip dive, but Lee catches him and goes for a powerbomb, but Priest gets out and pushes him into the stairs. Lee gets angry and goes after Priest, but Priest grabs the referee. While Lee is distracted, Priest hits a kick and his version of Crossroads for the win