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* Tyler Breeze defeated Jaxson Ryker. Ryker in control to start. Breeze fights back and gets a roll up for the shock win. The Forgotten Sons attack post match when Fandango comes out for the save to a huge reaction. They clear the ring and celebrate and pose to the audience

* NXT Breakout Tournament Semifinal: Cameron Grimes defeated Bronson Reed. Weird match. Grimes wins with the running double stomp. Cameron Grimes vs. Jordan Myles in the finals at Takeover: Toronto

* NXT Women's Champion Shayna Baszler comes out for a promo. She says Mia Yim delivered a message on commentary and she heard it. Says Mia attacked Jessamyn and Marina from behind and says this isn't the streets, and that on the biggest stage, she's gonna put her to sleep, because street rats like her don't survive. Mia interrupts and talks trash. Mia asks if she's scared, and says at Takeover she's bringing a fight Shayna can't train for. Shayna holds up the belt and they jawjack

* Pete Dunne defeated Roderick Strong. Grappling to start. Roddy with an enziguri and he goes to town with chops and stops in the corner. Pete with a huge clothesline and he hits the arm stomp. Pete bends the fingers and kicks the arm. Roddy with a torture rack backbreaker to regain control. Roddy with a dropkick for 2. Pete with a dropkick off the top and Pete runs wild on Roddy. Pete fights off a suplex and hits a big head kick. Pete goes for the moonsault, but Roddy cuts him off and drops him on the apron with a backbreaker, but only gets a 2. Roddy gets out of a Bitter End attempt and gets an Angle Slam, but Pete gets a DDT on the End of Heartache attempt. They trade chops. Roddy with an enziguri to the knee on the top rope. They go for a sunset flip and have a nasty landing. Roddy with a powerbomb for 2 and transitions to the Stronghold on the kickout. Pete gets a submission for the win. After the match, NXT North American Champion The Velveteen Dream sneaks in and faces off with Dunne. Strong yells at Dream that at Takeover, the title is his. Dunne grabs Dream's fingers as he poses and snaps them, and lays him out with Bitter End to end the tapings