As noted, this week's WWE RAW Reunion special ended with WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin leading a beer bash with the other former Superstars, Hall of Famers and Legends that returned for the show.

WWE released the post-show segment that saw Austin and the Superstars continue the celebration inside the Amalie Arena in Tampa, FL. The video ends with Austin heading to the back.

Below is backstage video of Austin talking to the WWE camera after the show. The Texas Rattlesnake was asked how it felt to be back home. Austin also commented on having his own brand of beer, Broken Skull IPA, out in front of the world.

"Good. It felt great to be back out there and this is Broken Skull IPA, this is my beer. I'm so proud of it, to come here in the crow, 20,000 strong in the WWE Universe, and display it was something else. It was a feeling of emotions out there. You know, I'm not a sentimental guy, my name is 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin. I'm known for dropping people on that stack of dimes they call a neck, but to go out there with my brothers and sisters, on this RAW Reunion... I hope they continue to do this every year because I will continue to show up," Austin said.

The WWE reporter then wished Austin good luck and tried to end the interview, but Austin wasn't done.

"Well, I appreciate you saying good luck to me but you don't need to ride me off into the sunset so soon. So, don't you got another question for me?," Austin asked.

Austin was then asked what it meant to be out in the ring with his brothers and sisters from the past.

"Man, you got to understand. We're in the entertainment business, so you want people to tune in and watch so we can take you off your problems. But we deal with the same problems, but we're out on the road doing it. So, when you get a bunch of us together... I think anything you do you're wired, you know, kind of specific to that task at hand. So people have been wired to do this business, traveling up and down the road, it's a grind. So, to go out here with your peers and people have been doing the same exact thing that you've been doing for so long, and to be around like-minded people, just trying to entertain people at the house, it was fun, and that's all I got to say now," Austin said.

He continued, "You've done your job. That goatee looks like s--t, you might want to cut that off. I'm kidding, I love ya. Family reunion, it's a great day. Goodbye. Camera guy - if you don't turn that light off I will kick you in the gut, drop you on that stack of dimes you call a neck so fast... thank you very much. We'll see you on the next tour."