The "Toast to RAW" by WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin to close this week's RAW Reunion special ended up boosting sales for Austin's Broken Skull IPA beer.

El Segundo Brewing Company, who makes Austin's own brand of beer, noted on Facebook that they have received hundreds or thousands of inquiries about where fans can purchase the adult beverage.

"We've received hundreds, if not thousands, of inquires as to where you can find Broken Skull IPA. Currently, Broken Skull is only available in Southern CA, and sometimes Portland, OR, roughly in the vicinity of the Broken Skulls on the map. The good news is we are working on distribution plans to reach the masses. If you are a prospective distributor, please send us an email at [email protected]," they wrote on Facebook.

El Segundo also noted that the cans Austin had on RAW are new. They wrote on Facebook in another post, "You may have seen our buddy Steve Austin drinking cans of our Broken Skull IPA on WWE's Raw Reunion show last night...and you were probably thinking 'wait, Broken Skull doesn't come in cans!' Well, we've heard your calls and are stoked to announce that we will be packaging Broken Skull in 16 ounce cans VERY SOON. More details will be coming out over the next couple of weeks. CAN we get a 'HELL YEAH!'???"

Furthermore, El Segundo owner/founder Rob Croxall spoke with The Full Pint about how the RAW Reunion exposure helped.

"We were planning on switching to 16 oz. cans of Broken Skull IPA by the end of the year. We didn't have much lead time for Steve's toast on RAW Reunion, so we had to scramble to get him enough beer for the show. Obviously after this exposure, interest has gone crazy for this beer," Croxall said.

Croxall added that they will be scaling up production on the beer because orders have already increased since the RAW exposure.

We noted earlier in the week how Austin spoke about being proud of his beer and having it in front of the world on RAW, during his post-RAW backstage interview.

"Good. It felt great to be back out there and this is Broken Skull IPA, this is my beer. I'm so proud of it, to come here in the crow, 20,000 strong in the WWE Universe, and display it was something else. It was a feeling of emotions out there. You know, I'm not a sentimental guy, my name is 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin. I'm known for dropping people on that stack of dimes they call a neck, but to go out there with my brothers and sisters, on this RAW Reunion... I hope they continue to do this every year because I will continue to show up," Austin said.