ECW Original Taz took to Twitter today and confirmed that he did communicate privately with WWE NXT Superstar Dominik Dijakovic yesterday on Twitter after Dijakovic asked to use the Tazmission move as his finisher. The Human Suplex Machine praised Dijakovic as a talented guy with a bright future.

Taz wrote, “Just to wrap up yesterday topic. I DID reach out to @DijakovicWWE via DM and we communicated several times privately yesterday…I DID give him the nod with him using the Tazmission. He is a talented guy with a bright future, best of luck to him!”

As noted, Dijakovic made a public tweet to ask Taz about using the Tazmission as his finisher. He wrote, “Hello @OfficialTAZ, do you mind if I start using your Tazmission hold on WWE programming and events to defeat my opponents? I have found it to be a very effective maneuver. Thank you.”

Dijakovic then deleted that original tweet, but Taz did respond. He wrote back, “I actually care very much, I appreciate you asking me. On twitter in a public forum is not the right way for this discussion to happen. Privately is the proper way.”

Dijakovic later posted a GIF of the move from a recent NXT live event and wrote, “Nobody will beat me. Nobody will survive. Feast Your Eyes on the Tazmission.”

The NXT big man returned to action back at the July 20 NXT live event from Cocoa, Florida, defeating Cezar Bononi in singles action. This was his first match since April 19 as he had been out of action with a torn meniscus. Dijakovic underwent surgery in May and was reported to be out of action for three months, but returned a bit earlier than expected.

You can see Taz’s latest tweet on the matter below, along with the original exchange and the GIF from Dijakovic: