As seen above, The Rock's oldest daughter, Simone Johnson, recently appeared on the Swerve City Podcast with WWE NXT Superstar Isaiah Scott, Aerial Monroe and Demetrius "Monteasy" Scott.

Johnson has been training part-time for more than one year at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando now. Simone revealed that she was given the chance to start training once per month at the Performance Center, beginning in June 2018.

Regarding her pro wrestling future, Johnson admitted she's somewhat concerned about not living up to her dad's legacy.

"Never meeting expectations that I have on myself, I think that would probably be the biggest one," Simone said when asked about her biggest fears in terms of learning pro wrestling (H/T to Pro Wrestling Sheet). "And just, like, not living up to the legacy. But then, when I think about that, I also feel like that's, in a way, comparing myself. So I feel like probably just never falling into that trap of comparing myself."

"When I look at myself, I look at myself obviously as my parents' child, but I also just look at myself as me," she added.