TMZ Sports caught up with The Rock in New York City this week while he was doing media for “Hobbs & Shaw” this week. The movie hits theaters on Friday.

Rock was asked who he thinks is the next Rock or John Cena, or the next big Superstar in WWE. Rock revealed that he spent the last week with Roman Reigns and they discussed who has potential in WWE, and who doesn’t. Rock then gave major praise to Drew McIntyre.

“Let’s see… no, not quite too sure,” Rock said. “I just know that a lot of guys obviously are working very hard. I spent a lot of time with Roman just now, spent the past week with him and we were talking about everybody who has potential and who doesn’t.

“Personally I like Drew McIntyre. I think he’s got a great look and a great build, and especially as he continues to hone in on his craft and connect with the audience, which is always the most important thing.”

McIntyre responded to the praise from The Great One, as seen in the tweet below.

He wrote, “In all the conversation about the biggest movie of the Summer, I appreciate such high praise from The Great One. We could all learn a thing or two from his work ethic, ‘All it takes is all you got’ @TheRock #HobbsAndShaw”